Capture videos generated by users and integrate them into your productions


Exchange rewards for the videos of the audience, scale the capture to thousands of users and acquire the copyrights over content.


Control the videos that you are receiving in real time and apply filters to discard unwanted content.


Integrate the videos of your broadcast or create with them new on-demand videos to distribute them on the web and social networks.

Participatory capture

Capture live UGC from the smartphones of your audience, fans and followers:

  • Get large amounts of content at low cost to fuel your production feed.
  • Define the criteria for participation: accepted formats, number of participants, restrictions by location, duration, etc.
  • Optionally, define the rewards to be offered to the participants in exchange for the content and the associated gamification rules.
  • Spread the possibility of participation in your social networks through integrated tools.
  • Receive the video sequences in real time without your users having to install anything on their devices.
  • The platform integrates the entire process of cession of copyrights over the provided content.
  • Don’t worry about scalability, with Watchity Engage can participate as many users as you need.

Dynamization and moderation

Keep constant control over the all production and use the content as you wish:

  • Encourage the participation through your social networks.
  • The platform controls how many minutes and videos has made each user.
  • Moderate the participation by eliminating inappropriate videos, adding a delay to manage easily the videos, or blocking users.
  • Select videos and show them through our player and our multi-camera widgets or redirect them to your production system.
  • Edit in the cloud the received content, or download the content and use it in your own editing system.


Distribute your content in an integrated and simultaneously way in all your media channels:

  • Connect a main video feed produced externally and complement it with captured live videos.
  • Viewers can interact with the player to visualize on the main screen the video feed that they have selected.
  • Complement a live broadcast by integrating our multi-camera widgets on your player or on your website.
  • Connect your social networks to live broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Periscope, or to post video clips.
  • Monetize content through pre and post rolls, insertion of promotions, watermarks, etc.

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