Engagement tools

Increase participation and results by being appealing to your viewers and creating more interactive experiences.

Engagement tools
End-to-end management

Integrated event management

Watchity Engage includes features that cover all the stages of your events so that you need no additional engagement tools. Event promotion and registration management with courtesy emails. Attendance control. Content viewing and audience participation. Results analysis at the end of the event.

Events personalised with your brand

Personalise all the points of contact with your viewers using your brand image, both for the promotional content of the landing page and the automated emails (in which you will also be able to edit the standard text) and the video player.

event branding customization

Watchity Engage features

event room
Event room

The event room is your event’s website

Centralise your audience’s experience in a single website that includes all the engagement tools: landing page, registration form, access to content (to view the event live and the subsequent recording) and participation components. The viewer can access all this using their favourite web browser and without having to install anything in their device.

Integrate the event room on your own website using the embed code or use the independent URL generated by Watchity for you.

Event room

Ways to access the event room

Decide how you want to protect access to your event. Watchity makes things easy for you with multiple configurable options:

  • Free access without prior registration
  • Access by means of registration
  • Private access by means of “White list”
  • Private access by means of password
Ways to access
Multi-language event room
Event room

Multi-language event room

Facilitate access to users from other countries thanks to the event room’s multi-language interface. All the room’s items and controls and all the engagement tools are displayed by default in the language configured on the user’s browser.

Landing pages

Fully personalisable landing pages

Charm your viewers by creating landing pages that will display all the information about the event, including the title, description, date, time and duration. Select the colours that fit best with your brand image and add a header image to your logo. Start the countdown to create a sensation of expectation among the audience.

customizable landing pages
Registration management

Customised registration management

Activate the registration form and configure it with the fields that you need to capture data from your viewers. You will be able to use the predefined standard fields or create your own personalised fields, including those needed to obtain consent, and decide whether they are optional or mandatory.

Auto emails

Personalisable email cadences

Keep up the interest in your event and guarantee attendance by means of the personalisable emails that Watchity sends automatically to the registered users.

email cadences
interaction and participation

Interaction and participation components

Make your events more dynamic and encourage audience participation with the integrated interaction components offered to you by Watchity.


List of viewers

Take real-time decisions about pace and content in order to hold the audience’s attention using the participant list, which will tell you, at all times, which users are actually attending the event and will also show you how the audience is evolving in real time.

viewers list
Questions and answers

Questions and answers (Q&A)

Receive your viewers’ questions and let them vote to prioritise the ones that generate most interest. You will even be able to activate this component before the event, filter questions, classify them, answer them live during the event or afterwards using the integrated answer system.


Interactive chat

Generate a conversation shared by the entire audience about the topic or subject matter of the event. Keep up their interest and regulate the pace and content of the session based on their opinions. Include some of their own messages in the actual streaming using lower-thirds so they will feel part of the event.

You can make the conversation public or visible only to the organiser and also permit private chats among the attendees.

interactive chat


Collect the audience’s opinion by asking questions with a set of predefined answer options for the users to choose their favourite options. Obtain immediate feedback about any topic of interest and increase the viewers’ level of participation, attention and interest.


Calls-to-action (CTA)

Add a personalised call-to-action button with a message and a link that will be displayed at the end of the session to encourage the viewers to perform an action, how to answer a survey, rate the session, register for a new event or download a document.

Data and insights

Data and insights from your audience

Generate, at any time (before, during or after the event) personalised reports in Excel or csv with all the session information, including the users registered (together with all the registration data), those who eventually attended, each one’s attendance time, the messages they posted on the chat, etc.


Integrate Watchity with your applications

Integrate Watchity with your applications using the API tier. Connect an external registration system and monitor attendance. Validate the viewers using Single Sign-On. Send the data about the registrations to a CRM such as Hubspot, Salesforce or Pipedrive.

api integrations

Accessibility Options