platform_eventanalytic Event analytics

Make data-driven decisions

Improve the performance of your event program by getting insights from past events and identifying the causes of success.


How many people will attend?

With the registration report you will know how many users have already registered for the event before it starts. The report can be downloaded in excel or csv formats and includes all the registration fields, so you can analyze it in greater detail.

atendees report

Who finally attended?

Once the event starts, you will see at any time how many users are attending the session and who they are. And at the end of the event, you can download the report with all the aggregated information.


How people interact?

You can have lots of questions and comments in the chat. The interaction report lets you know who the most active users were and download all their interactions in one single excel or csv file.


What engages the audience?

With our complete video analytics, you will get detailed information about the audience behavior during your events. Discover audience peaks, countries of origin and devices used to connect to the session.

Ready to create great experiences for online events?

Analyzing the event is the last step in the event lifecycle. Book a demo with a product expert and let us show you exactly what our platform can do for your brand’s online events.