platform_eventmarketing Event Marketing

Increase the attendance of your events

All the tools needed to promote your event and drive registrations through beautiful landing pages, simple registration forms and friendly automated emails. 

Landing pages

Feed the expectation about your event

Create customized landing pages that will show all the information about the event, including title, description, date, time and duration. Add a header image and one or several logos for your brand and sponsors. Activate a live countdown to generate engagement from the start.

registration forms real
Registrations forms

Frictionless attendee’s registration

Add a simple registration form so that users can register to the event using just their name and email. You can easily customize the form by adding new form fields -which can be optional or required- to extend captured data and create consent fields for GDPR compliance.

event marketing automated email
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Automated Emails

Make no one forget the event

Once the user has registered, Watchity’s automated system works to assure that the user attends the event through confirmation emails, calendar invites linked to the event page and reminders sent at certain times before the event.

brand costumization
Brand customization

Your corporate identity everywhere

Every point of interaction with the user, including the landing page, the registration form and the automated emails, can be customized according to the look and feel of your brand by using logos, images, corporate colors and the company subdomain in URLs.

More event marketing features


Real-time control

Access the list of users at any time to see how registration is going


Export registrations

Export and download the list of attendees in spreadsheet format


Registered vs attended

Get stats about how many registered users finally connected to the event



Add a list of guests to create by-invitation only events


Password protected

Protect your confidential events with a single password


No registration

Create open events with anonymous access


Embed code

Integrate the event page on your own website through an iframe



Use a public URL customized with your company name for your event page



Attendees will access the registration form using their favorite browser

Ready to create great experiences for online events?

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