What is watchity?

Watchity boosts the social reach of an event by creating an interactive and highly shareable visual story about the event using the videos captured in real time from the mobile devices of the attendees.

This way, Watchity simplifies the collaborative recording of the event and automates the creation, broadcasting and playback of a multi-camera video –the visual story about the event.

Watchity allows the event owner to take profit of all the video content recorded by those attendees and stored in its devices and use it to have different perspectives on an event, thus creating new ways of interaction with their audiences to improve their communication strategies. In addition, it can be done in real time, while the content is being generated, quickly and cheaply.

Watchity does 3 major things for the event owner:

  • Simplify the capturing of a huge amount of videos streamed live by the crowd of people that attends the event, thanks to a scalable acquisition system.
  • Automatically create a “compound video” aggregating all the individual videos received, placing each video into the corresponding time point and geolocation and highlighting some of videos based on pre-defined patterns.
  • Stream the multi-camera compound video to an interactive player where the viewers can decide how they want to watch the event, selecting a new camera, going back in the event’s timeline to see what happened then, etc.

For who is Watchity?

Watchity can be used for any kind of event, from the mainstream events to the personal ones, and is specially tailored to the needs of the event owner, so its potential users include any organization or individual that organizes, promotes, sponsors or broadcasts an event. For example:

  • Consumer brands
  • Sports competitions
  • Music shows
  • Universities
  • Primary schools
  • Cities

On the other hand, our recording app can be freely used by any attendee of an event (assuming that someone has previously created a watchit for that event).

Which are the benefits of using Watchity for my event?

Watchity boosts the reach and engagement of the event by increasing the number of people that will be in touch with it:

  • The event owner shares the watchit on its social networks and website so its followers will be aware of the event.
  • People that take part of the collaborative recording also share the watchit on their social networks to show their friends what are they experiencing.
  • Viewers also share the watchit because it’s an innovative way of following an event.

Furthermore, the main benefits are:

  • Socialization of the event
  • Engagement of the “prosumer”
  • Spontaneity
  • Increase the participation of participants, attendees, followers and viewers.
  • Save time and costs in the audiovisual production
  • Alternative and complementary viewpoints

Why my attendees will participate in my watchit?

By actively taking part of the collaborative recording of a watchit and sharing it people get social recognition as content creators and shows their friends, in real time, what are they experiencing and how much they are enjoying it.

Where does the name come from?

As the product that can be created with our platform is a “watchit” –and it’s obvious what this name means-, we could have called the platform “Watchiter”, “Watchitting” or any other combination. However, we decided to call it “Watchity” because we love the way it sounds.

Try to repeat it 5 times and you’ll see…