Produce broadcasts for digital media in an agile way

Multi-camera broadcast production in the cloud

Create professional-quality broadcasts to cover events using a simple computer, mobile or tablet with a web browser.

  • Visualize the video feeds to be able to use them at any time.
  • Switch cameras through transitions.
  • Integrate through picture-in-picture alternative shots to the main one.
  • Mix audio tracks.
  • Insert videos from the media library.
  • Coordinate in real time your camera team via intercom.
  • Add layers with titles, graphics, images and data visualizations.
  • Customize the video signal with your brand.
  • Inserts covers, promotions and ads in pre or post roll.
  • Preview the final result before launching the broadcast.

Forget about mobile units

  • The producer will no longer need to use heavy recording equipment.
  • Now you can produce a broadcast with the help of one or multiple people by assigning roles.
  • No need of expensive equipment and cables or connections.
  • Access to the mixer from any device and communicate with your team via Intercom in real time.

Improves the viewing experience through alternatives feeds to the main relay

Using the multi-camera feature of Watchity you are able to insert in the mixer alternative cameras that are streaming at the same time than the main broadcast and let the viewers take control of the transmission.

Generate short and quick broadcasts using mobile phones or webcams

  • Create a broadcast in seconds for sporadic connections with journalists, interviews in backstage or unexpected events.
  • Insert alternative videos captured from mobile phones, webcams or broadcast cameras to your production.
  • Use several mobiles if the action happens in different places or if you need more than one point of view.
  • Schedule the day and time of the broadcast or improvise it instantly.
  • Start the broadcast just when you receive a video signal on a permanent channel.

Customize the broadcast for your social networks

Create a new broadcast using videos already produced and enhance it through titles, graphics, images or alternative live video streams captured by mobiles, adapting the content to your audience on social networks.

Let Watchity produce for you

Our autonomous production system generate a continuous retransmission, in that way you can concentrate on other tasks, like answer comments on social networks or help the cameras to capture alternative points of view with your mobile.

Customize the mixer as you prefer and you like

Adapt to your needs the interface of the mixer according to your needs and produce or edit the retransmission easily. Move elements, insert or remove panels that have no relevance to you and feel free to do all the adjustments that you want.