Capture multiple points of view with the collaboration of your audience, fans and followers

Set up video capture projects according to your needs

Thanks to the flexibility of our platform you can create participatory captures totally adapted to each of your projects.

  • The platform accepts devices as mobile phones, webcams and action cameras.
  • Define basic criteria for the project such as the format of the videos, the number of participants or the duration of the participation.
  • Restrict the participation to a specific geographic location to avoid receiving content from inappropriate places.
  • Allow the participation of any user or, if you prefer, validate them before the event to increase the reliability of the content.
  • Allow them to sign up before the participation begins, to do a previous check.
  • Our cloud infrastructure automatically scales to allow a simultaneous participation of as many users as you need.

Get more participation by motivating and coordinating the participants

  • Establish rewards (money or prizes) for the participants in exchange for their contributions.
  • Define the criteria to evaluate the participation (video minutes, video quality, signal stability, etc.).
  • Our platform will be accumulating the points generated by each participant, thus you can manage the exchanges easily.
  • Participants will progress inside the ranking of your organization and the global ranking of Watchity, increasing their "prestige".
  • Send direct messages to certain users to motivate them to contribute with content when is necessary.
  • Divide the users into groups to have a better control of their participation and the content received.
  • Publish on your website the customizable participation widget to motivate your users to participate.

Open the capture for just one event or keep a channel always open


Limit the capture to a predetermined interval of time for captures associated a planned events.


Enable a permanent communication channel, where your users can transmit video at any time during spontaneous events.


Provide a space in which the users can upload recorded videos by their devices.

Get ownership over the copyrights of the images easily

  • Decide who will be the owner of the content generated by the users: the users, your organization, or both.
  • Don’t worry about the copyrights of the content. Our participation tools incorporate a system on which the users explicitly assign the rights to you.

Get your users to generate content for your brand

  • With the help of the audience, you can generate a new live broadcast in a matter of seconds to cover unexpected events.
  • Cover hundreds of alternative views and manage all the content received in a unified way.
  • Integrate the participants of an event in the creation of content, to encourage a greater feeling of belonging.
  • Coordinate the retransmission in advance for a predetermined day and time or create it at the moment.
  • Create the retransmission just when the system warns you that you are receiving a video signal on a permanent channel.