The white-label corporate streaming platform

Stream your events in broadcast quality on your website or a separate page, with a fully customized brand experience.

browser based

Browser-based streaming platform

The event room is the website where your attendees watch the event. It has a unique and customizable URL that can be accessed through any web browser, so users don’t have to download nor install anything.

White-label streaming platform

Videoconference platforms such as Zoom and streaming platforms such as Youtube show their logo instead of yours. With Watchity, your brand will be the only one present throughout the entire viewer experience. Show your brand, and no other.

One single point of access for viewers

The event room address is persistent over time and its functionalities are adapted according to the stage of the event’s life cycle. Users will always access the same web page before, during and after the event.

Live Streaming Player

The viewing experience is similar to that of a high-quality video streaming platform. Viewers can pause the stream at any time, arrive a few minutes late but watch from the beginning, and go back to see a replay.

A scalable and robust streaming platform

The live content delivered through Watchity can reach thousands of viewers anywhere in the world. We use a scalable and robust infrastructure, based on Amazon WS, and standard streaming protocols.

Content securization

You can set up an access control using a “whitelist” feature to assure that the content is only viewed by the users with the necessary access rights.





You will get the recording of your live event without doing anything. The platform creates a recording that is immediately available for on-demand viewing within the same event room URL. It can also be downloaded in mp4.

live clipping

A streaming platform that allows live clipping

Quickly create frame-accurate cuts from live video feeds and generate new mp4 video clips, without waiting for the event to end. Share them on all your social media accounts with one click to generate awareness and traffic.

post live clipping

Reuse the content with post-live clipping

Use the video clipping feature once the event has finished to create several pieces of content from the recording. New video clips can be downloaded in mp4 format, or directly uploaded to a video platform such as Youtube or Vimeo.


Media library

Manage all types of media content such as videos, podcasts or images. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and classify into collections in the media library. Publish the content in any webpage using the player embed code.

More streaming platform features



Make sessions more participative by letting users make comments and ask questions.


Stream events that don’t need previous user registration.


Host the event room in your own website. No complex coding required.


Viewers can move across the event timeline to see what happened at each point of time.


Upload a closed caption file to the recording of the event.


Activate additional audio tracks for simultaneous translation.



Discover how your content performs and get insights about the viewers.


Multibitrate and adaptative streaming through HLS protocol.


Tag your content using customizable metadata.


Watchity generates the thumbnails for the player’s visual seeking feature.

Transform your communication with Watchity

Creating professional live video to improve your organization's communication has never been so easy.