Capture multiple points of views of your broadcasts

Total flexibility to configure your recording settings

  • A single mobile phone to cover a small event or a specific retransmission.
  • Several mobiles phones to produce a multi-camera retransmission for digital channels.
  • A complete professional equipment of cameras to produce in optimal quality the broadcast, including multiple audio tracks.
  • A video from your broadcast that you can edit and improve for a better retransmission.
  • Use any other type of device capable of broadcasting video, such as action or IP cameras.

Capture videos for an event or keep a channel always open for your contributors

In all cases, your team can broadcast live videos and upload their recorded files, regardless  their location.


Limit the capture for a specific duration for planned retransmissions.


Allow your users to broadcast spontaneously at any time.


Make it easy for your users to upload videos recorded on their devices.

Receive content in real time, synchronized, without cables or complications

  • Our platform automates the process, synchronizes the cameras and generates a copy for later use.
  • Use the obtained videos to produce a broadcast or to create videos later.
  • Optionally, you can redirect any video feed to your external production system.

Watchity Streamer, the App for video capture

With our App your team will be able to emit the best shots for your broadcasts.

Watchity Streamer includes advanced features such as:

  • Broadcast in HD, FullHD and 4K quality.
  • Labeling to provide semantics to the content.
  • Automatic inserted of "timestamp" and location.
  • Set the minimum quality for limited 4G coverage.
  • Simultaneous recording in the phone's memory.
  • Automated upload of recorded video when coverage improves
  • Visual indicator "Tally" to indicate that the camera is selected.
  • Intercom system between camera and director
  • Emission in adaptive bitrate by RTMP.
  • Points of publication for emission from external encoders.