How it works

To use Watchity for your event, follow these 3 easy steps.


Create and share a watchit

A watchit is the “video container” that receives and synchronizes all the videos recorded by the contributors..

You can create a free watchit (limited to 5 concurrent cams and 1 hour of duration) or you can buy a premium watchit if you need more concurrent cams or a longer duration.

Once the watchit is created you can immediately share it or generate an embed code using the social sharing features of your watchit’s control panel.


People stream live video into your watchit and a multi-camera compound video is automatically created

When people go to your watchit page, they will see a countdown indicating when the watchit will be live and with a button to download the Watchity recording App from Apple Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android ones).

Once the app has been installed and running into the device of the attendees, when the watchit is live they will be able to record and broadcast using the button “Start recording now”.

Then a compound video is created for the watchit by aggregating and synchronizing all videos streamed by the attendees.


The audience views it

When the viewers go to your watchit page they can view the compound video, request for more cams or go back using the timeline to see what happened back in that event. This can be done live, while the event is happening, or on-demand when it has finished.

You too can be a watchit creator

New watchit

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