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Video engagement for human resources

Boost the development of employees and improve internal communication with professional and interactive online events and video content.

Discover how your human resources will improve with Watchity’s video engagement platform

Thanks to the appearance, reach and participation of the streaming events made with Watchity, you will be able to reinforce your HR strategies with better content.

More efficiency

Get users motivated and active through participatory content.

More optimization

Reduce tasks and facilitate training thanks to a continuous calendar of live sessions.

More professionalism

Generate professional content with your brand always present.

Online training

Energize online training with video

Boost employee and partner development with online training based on more professional content and more participative sessions.

  • New procedures
  • Corporate tools
  • Recorded courses
  • Commercial training
  • Technical training
  • Partner training
Internal communication

Internal communication that connects

Create professional and interactive streaming events in a confidential environment to boost your internal communication.

  • Town hall meetings
  • All hands meetings
  • Q&A sessions
  • Quarterly results
  • New procedures/tools
  • Team building
  • Intersite presentations

Types of events you can create with Watchity for HR

With Watchity’s versatility, you will be able to create a continuous schedule of live events and on-demand content in the formats and channels best suited to your goals and audiences.

Watchity, the enterprise video engagement platform

Watchity is the most complete enterprise video solution. The platform offers you all the products and features you need integrated in a single modular suite that will allow you to easily incorporate video engagement in your company.

Event Platform

Create and manage your webinars, virtual and hybrid events from start to finish with landing pages, registrations, emails, interactive components, analytics and integrations.

Live Studio

Produce live video for your events with dynamic scenes, transitions, graphics and branding, videos, multiple speakers, presentations, and more.

Professional streaming software

Social Video

Stream your events simultaneously to all your social media accounts and profiles. Generate video clips from the live broadcast and share them easily.

Content Hub

Record with your webcam, capture your screen, easily edit your videos for podcasts, event recaps or video tutorials, and publish them on your own video portal.

Case study

Wolkswagen Spain

Volkswagen Group España Distribución

Discover how Volkswagen Group España Distribución transforms the after-sales training to its network of Dealers and Official Services to a digital format.

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