hybrid events

Live stream of hybrid events

Stream high-quality live video from an event venue to remote attendees and enable interaction features to create a great viewing and participation experience.

People want to attend your events from home, right?

People have gotten used to attending events remotely. You need now to enable online viewing for your in-person events.

You don’t know which platform to use

Audiovisual services are expensive

In-person and online audiences aren’t integrated

Simplify streaming and connect audiences

streaming events

Live streaming made easy

A simple but powerful live studio and a robust and scalable streaming platform that will allow you to create professional live sessions in seconds.

Full-HD live video player

Embrace your audience in a fully virtual environment customized to your brand accessible through any web browser. Users won’t have to download nor install anything.

Integrate in-person and online audiences

Use participation features for remote attendees and show the interaction in the physical event videowall. Allow remote attendees to listen and watch the in-person attendees questions.

Obtain qualitative and quantitative data

Event and video analytics that will help you improve the way you promote, produce and manage your webinars through actionable insights.

See how it works

Days before the event

Schedule the event and customize the landing page, the registration form and the reminder emails with your brand. Promote the event and control registrations.

Minutes before the event

Connect the cameras to the live studio if you are going to produce the session by yourself. Or, alternatively, ask your audiovisual services provider to stream into Watchity using rtmp.

During the webinar

Watchity technology manages the streaming, so you don’t have to do anything. Just concentrate on moderating the chat and other participation features.

After the webinar

See data about who attended, how people interacted, how much time they watched, and much more information to improve your future events.

Days before the webinar

Register for the event using the form. An email confirmation with a calendar event and a link to the event room is automatically sent.

Minutes before the webinar

Connect to the event with your browser through the event room link. You don’t need to download nor install anything.

During the webinar

Watch the event, ask questions to the speakers and share comments with other attendees through the chat.

After the webinar

Watch again the content using the same event room url. Rate the event and let the event organizer to know what you liked the most.

Case Study

Barça Innovation Hub

How Barça Innovation Hub conducted the Sports Tomorrow congress completely online.

Start to boost your business with live video now

Creating professional live video and a great experience for your events has never been easier.