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Video engagement for institutional communication

Streamline your organization’s institutional communication to boost transparency and political leadership.

Find out why institutional communication is better with Watchity’s video engagement platform

Unlike other video tools, Watchity’s features of institutional image customization, web streaming, simultaneous broadcasting on social media and live clipping features will help you professionalize video communication, optimize resources, and reduce the tasks of your communication cabinet.

non-interactive events brand

Institutional image

Professional look and feel with your brand always present in all content.

Reach your audience

You will get your content to reach many more people in the most appropriate channels.

Agility and speed

You will reduce editing and production time and cost and publish content much faster.

A full-featured solution for live event broadcasting and related content

Watchity provides all the necessary features for you to create live events with institutional image customization and broadcast to multiple destinations, and at the same time make it easy for your communication team members, political groups, journalists and media to generate clips in real time.

Integrate professional video in all your organization’s events

Political leadership

Create and stream live and on-demand content to show the activity of elected officials and bring them closer to the public.

  • Follow-up of the activity
  • Interviews
  • Q&A sessions

Institutional events

Broadcast your organization’s institutional events on your website to give them greater visibility.

  • Institutional visits
  • Protocolary events
  • Institutional relationships
Institutional acts

Press conferences

Broadcast press conferences with the institutional branding and include the participation of journalists and accredited media.

  • Press office
  • Other locations
  • Video conferencing

Plenums and commissions

Stream online all parliamentary sessions in which your organization participates and increase visibility.

  • Plenariums
  • Commissions
  • Other administrative events

Watchity’s key features for institutional communication

Watchity offers you all the features and charactersitics you need to integrate professional video into your institution’s day-to-day operations.

Post live clipping

Watchity automatically records all your events so that you can immediately reuse all the recorded content, generate new content from the recording and give your events a second life.

Quickly create clips frame-accurate clips with the clipping tool from your live events and generate mp4 video clips, without waiting for the event to end. Or retrieve the recording after the event to generate clips at that time.

Share the clips on your social media accounts with one click to generate notoriety or publish them on your website with the embed code.

Broadcast your content on all your social media ccounts and with one click with the Multistream feature.

Connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts with Watchity’s native integrations. Broadcast on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch and many other destinations through RTMP.

Connect the production system of your plenary room, press room and other video facilities with Watchity via RTMP.

Customize content by adding graphic elements according to your institutional brand (backgrounds, customized banners, etc.)

In addition, produce webinars, interviews, press conferences and many other types of live content with a professional look and feel by using the production tool. Easily add one or many speakers with their webcams using the guest room. Share presentations or share the screen for speakers to display any application or content. Dynamically generate scenes.

Integrate the broadcast on your website through Watchity’s player embed code and offer the audience a viewing experience like that of the major streaming platforms.

Thanks to the integrated CDN service, Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, compatibility with multiple devices and access from other countries.

Manage all types of video content such as videos, podcasts or images with the video CMS. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata, sort them by collections and get the embed code.

You can also use video hosting to centralize all type of content and resources used by your team members so that everyone knows where to find them and how to use them in their productions.

With the video analytics tools you will obtain detailed information about the audience’s behavior during your events.

Discover information such as the evolution of number of viewers during each session, countries of origin and devices used. Find out how on-demand videos are consumed.

Case study

Generalitat de catalunya

Generalitat de Catalunya

The Generalitat de Catalunya enhances the reach of social media with live broadcasts and clipping, and shares content with the media.

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