Live video for Microsoft Teams

Improve your events in Microsoft Teams with great live video

Create by yourself professional live video customized to your brand and stream through your corporate platform to improve the look of your live sessions and events.

Your videoconference platform is not up to your brand

Your company policy requires you to use Microsoft Teams for training, communication and events, but all these platforms mistreat your brand image.

Your sessions look just like any other meeting

Videoconference platforms look like any boring meeting, with limited video quality and no brand customization. Your brand is underrepresented.

You spend a lot of money in audiovisual production

Ok, your sessions already have a professional look, but you must hire an external provider to produce the live video, so your costs rise.

It’s too complicated for your team

You know there are DIY solutions for professional live video production such as OBS or VMIX, but the people on your team lack the tech knowledge needed.

Create amazing live content for your corporate platform

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Look like a pro

A simple but powerful Live Studio that will allow you to create TV-like video with a strong brand presence with no more effort than managing a videoconference.

Make life easier for speakers

The speakers of your event will connect to the session from their browser using their webcam and sharing their screen if needed. You control what the audience sees at each moment.

Easy integration

Easily stream from Watchity to your platform of choice and use all its features to interact with the audience and boost participation.

Innovate in content formats

Create content formats adapted to each use case and target audience. Invite industry experts and business partners to co-create sessions. Give voice to key members of your company.

See how it works

Days before the live session

Schedule the session and let users know about it using your corporate communication channels. Send the guests the link to the speaking room.

Minutes before the live session

Welcome the remote guests to the speaking room. Connect the live stream to your platform. Start a countdown when everything is ready.

During the live session

The live studio will create a beautiful streaming with speakers’ webcams, your logo and background, while you concentrate on managing interaction in your platform.

After the live session

Use the analytics features of your platform to see data about who attended, how people interacted, how much time they watched, etc.

Days before the live session

Receive a link to the speaking room to become familiar with the tool and participate in a rehearsal to test everything.

Minutes before the live session

Enter the speaking room, activate the camera and the microphone and receive last minute information from the event organizer.

During the live session

Take part in the session without worrying about anything else. Share the screen to show presentations or any other element if you need to.

After the live session

Download the recording of the session and get info about the event from the organizer.

Days before the live session

Register to the event through the registration system provided by the corporate platform.

Minutes before the live session

Connect to the session through the corporate platform access.

During the live session

Watch the session, ask questions to the organizer and guests and share comments with other viewers through the platform interaction and participation features.

After the live session

Watch again the content if the corporate platform allows this feature.

Ready to create great live video for your corporate platform?

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