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Live video for ambitious marketing teams

Attract leads and drive them through the marketing funnel with engaging live experiences for product launches, demos, showrooms, and much more.

Ways of using live video for marketing


Fuel your content strategy with great webinars that generate registrations.


Generate buzz and awareness for new products and services.


Co-create content with influencers to generate engagement in social media.


Empower your salespeople with all the knowledge they need to sell your products.



Showcase your products to salespeople and channel partners.


Build authority positioning your brand as a leader in your industry.



Record live interviews and panel discussions to drive traffic to your website.


Conduct great demos to capture new leads and boost the sales funnel.



Be in contact with your audience and create more interaction.


Create real-time guided visits for customers and partners to your facilities.


Live streaming of third party events sponsored by your brand.


Help sales channel partners and franchisees to make business with you.

Achieve results in your marketing events

achive results with watchity

Generate tons of leads

Create beautiful landing pages and frictionless registration forms to increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Increase conversions

Use calls to action to make users fill a survey, drive them to your ecommerce or download additional information.

Create buzz and engage audiences

Stream your events to Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Track achievements

Get actionable insights about your past events to improve the next ones with event and video analytics.

Position your brand as it deserves

solutions marketing use case

Professional live video made easy

Compose great scenes joining webcams, presentations, backgrounds, lower thirds, overlays and high-quality videos.

Your brand everywhere

Add your brand logo, colors and visual elements to landing pages, automated emails, event rooms and live content.

A streaming platform owned by you

Unlike YouTube and other free platforms, with Watchity you control the full process, so there aren’t uncontrolled behaviors.

Viewer convenience reinforces engagement

Viewers can pause the stream at any time, watch from the beginning although the event has started some minutes ago, or see a replay.

Build authority and leadership through content


Build Relationships with experts

Become the reference in your sector inviting influencers and experts to your join your events and webinars from their home.

Provide real value

Create by yourself live content in different formats about the topics that matter the most to your target audiences.

Stream to the right channels

Share your knowledge in places where your community is spending time, such as Linkedin for B2B or Instagram for fashion.

Engage your community

Cement your position with your community by being open answering questions, gathering feedback and acting accordingly.

Create more events with less effort

more evens less effort

Any team member can become a creator

A few clicks and your event is up and running, without integrations and complex connections. Anyone in your team will be able to use it.

Use the right format for your event

With one single platform you will create and manage webinars, hybrid events, social media live video or any other format.

Reduce costs in video production

Break free from the expensive external production services and create much more events than before.

Simplify your tool stack

Watchity’s covers all the steps in the event lifecycle so you will substitute several tools by one single and complete platform.

Case Study

L'Oréal Professionnel

How L’Oréal Professionnel engages the sales channel with professional live video.

Start to boost your business with live video now

Creating professional live video and a great experience for your events has never been easier.