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Create your own on-demand video portal

Easily record, manage and publish professional videos for any business use case.

Advantages of Watchity’s on-demand video solution over other platforms

Unlike other streaming platforms, Watchity’s professional video recording, content management, publishing and access control features will make it easy for you to create and distribute video content for any strategy.

On your own web

Publish on your website

You can embed videos on your own website, with your brand image and a visual experience like that of Netflix or HBO.

Confidential and secure

Confidential and secure

You can add access controls to the content in order to protect confidential information from undesired uses.

Who watches the content

Who watches the content?

You will be able to see which users of your video portal watch each video, for how long and how many times.

Find out how Watchity’s on-demand video solution works step by step

Watchity’s on-demand video solution offers you all the features you need to produce and distribute professional content and analyze the performance of your video project.

Create the video

The first step is to create the content. You can do this with your favourite video editor or you can record and edit it in real time with Watchity Create.

If you produce it with Watchity, you can connect your webcam and share your screen to record a presentation or any other content. You can also connect to other users if you want to record, for example, an interview.

Finally, you can also add graphic elements (backgrounds, logos, lower-thirds, etc.) to give it a more professional touch, and customize it with your brand image.

Create video in watchity

Upload it to the platform

In case you do not record the video with Watchity, you can upload it to the platform from your device and Watchity will automatically convert it into a suitable format in order to offer good viewing quality, regardless of the device used by the viewer.

If you record the video with Watchity, you can skip this step since the videois already saved in the platform.

Upload video to watchity platform

Publish the video

Now that the video is ready to watch, it is time to make it visible to the viewers. To this end, Watchity provides you with the embed code, which you can use to publish the video on any website or application effortlessly.

If the content is private and confidential, you can add a security control to the video so that only authorized users can see it.

Thanks to the use of the adaptive multi bit rate HLS, your video will be perfectly viewable on any type of device and on any Internet bandwidth.

Publish video

Check consumption

For open content (without access control), Watchity’s video analytics tool allows you to view aggregated (non-personal) information about video consumption (number of views, average viewing time, device used, country of origin, etc.).

In the case of confidential content, each time a user watches a video, information about the day and time of access is recorded, as its consumption time, and this data is associated with each user, so that a user-by-user consumption report can be generated.

Vídeo reporting
Create video in watchity
Upload video to watchity platform
Publish video
Vídeo reporting

Make it easy with Watchity, the enterprise video engagement platform

Watchity is the only comprehensive solution for video production, multichannel distribution and audience participation focused on helping you to professionalize your company’s video communication. It includes all the features you need to take your video project to the next level and multiply the reach of your content.


Produce professional-looking live events and videos for all your channels and audiences.


Integrate events and videos into your website with a robust, secure and scalable platform.


Manage your events from start to finish, make them more participative and analyze results.

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