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Video engagement for online training

Boost employee and partner development with online training based on more professional and participative sessions.

Find out why online training is better with Watchity’s video engagement platform

Unlike other video tools, Watchity offers automated professional production, brand customization, live streaming and audience engagement features that will allow you to create better content and events to reinforce your training.

Engaging content

Professional look and feel with your brand always present throughout the entire student experience.

More effective sessions

Keep users motivated and active by encouraging engagement and participation.

Optimize resources

Streamline session management, reduce tasks and facilitate training throughout the company.

Watchity’s key features for online training

Watchity offers all the features and characteristics you need to integrate professional video into you company’s online training.

Schedule your events with a unified control interface from which you can add all the necessary information in a fully customizable landing page.

Easily activate and customize a registration form so you always have control over who has registered for the session.

Enable automated email sequences to remind registrants of the day and time of the session so they don’t forget.

Easily produce professional-looking live training sessions. Easily add one or many speakers with their webcams by using the guest room. Share presentations or share the screen so the speakers can display any application or content. Dynamically generate scenes.

You can also connect your production software via RTMP if you already have realization solved.

Customize content by adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, banners, etc.).

Integrate the broadcast into your LMS, intranet, employee portal or partner extranet by using Watchity’s player embed code and offer the audience a viewing experience like that of the major streaming platforms.

Thanks to the integrated CDN service, Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, compatibility with multiple devices and access from other countries.

Protect your private event with security measures such as encrypted content, closed guest list access, password control, CDN-level blocking, etc.

Know in real time which employees have connected to the session and are attending at any given moment, and how the level of attendance evolves during the session, so that you can moderate its pace.

Energize the sessions by providing attendees with participation tools: Q&As, interactive chat with advanced moderation options, polls, and CTAs.

Watchity automatically records your training sessions so that you can immediately reuse all the recorded content, generate new content from the recording and give your events a second life.

With the clipping tool, you will find it very easy to generate small clips from the recording and generate small training capsules that you can publish on your website or social media.

Manage and publish all type of media content such as videos, podcasts or images with the video CMS. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata, sort them by collections and get the embed code to easily set up your online courses.

Analyze the results of your training sessions with the integrated reporting system. Find out who registered, who attended the session, how long they stayed online, how they participated, etc.

In addition, with video analytics tools you will get detailed information about how your videos are consumed over time.

Examples of events you can create with Watchity for online training

With Watchity’s versatility, you will be able to create a continuous schedule of live eventsfor your online training in the formats best suited to your goals and audiences.

Use cases of video engagement for online training

Thanks to Watchity’s wide range of features and its ease of use, video will become a strategic pillar of your training plan.

Employee training

Offer your employees a continuous source of training and professional development.

  • New procedures
  • Corporate tools
  • Recorded courses
Interactive webinar formats

Commercial training

Improve your salespeople’s knowledge of your product and help them sell more.

  • Product launches
  • Selling tools
  • Pre-sales training

Partner training

Enable your partners and distributors with technical and commercial knowledge so they can sell your product, offer after-sales service, etc.

  • Technical training
  • Commercial training
  • After-sales training

Case study

Wolkswagen Spain

Volkswagen Group España Distribución

Discover how Volkswagen Group España Distribución transforms the after-sales training to its network of Dealers and Official Services to a digital format.

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