platform_participationandinteraction Participation and interaction

Keep everyone engaged

Easily activate and manage audience interaction features such as chat and calls-to-action for your live events.

participant list

Who is connected?

You can have tons of users registered for your event, but the important thing to know is if they have really attended. See exactly who connects to (or disconnects from) the live session and take real-time decisions about rhythm and content to maintain people’s attention.


Solve people questions

The chat is the tool that every attendee expects to have available in a live session. Let people keep in touch with you and their peers to ask questions and express their feeling about the event, while you moderate the conversation and send messages to all attendees at once.

call to action

Encourage attendees to take action

Add a custom call-to-action button with a single and convincing message at the end of the live session to encourage people to fill a survey, download an eBook, sign-up to a newsletter, buy a product or whatever other action that can be managed through a link.

live studio overlays

Dynamize the session

Use the graphics capabilities of the Live Studio to show banners with important information and non-clickable call-to-action messages over the live video to make a sense of dynamism.


Integrate third party engagement tools

In case the features provided with the platform don’t cover your use case, you can integrate a third party audience engagement software such as Slido or Sparkup. You can also live stream from Watchity to an event platform and use its interaction features.

Ready to create great experiences for online events?

The engagement of viewers is half of the effort to get results in your live events. The second half is a great live video production. Book a demo with a product expert and let us show you exactly what our platform can do for your brand’s online events.