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Live video for hungry sales teams

Create webinars and live events across your sales organization to close more sales. Guide leads through the sales funnel in B2B. Increase conversion rates in B2C.

Ways of using live video for sales


Empower your salespeople with the knowledge they need to sell your products.


Conduct great demos to convince people about the benefits of your product.


Help sales channel partners and franchisees to close more sales.


Generate more revenue from your current customers.


Align your sales teams and channel partners with a shared vision and clear goals.



Increase conversion rate in your ecommerce through engaging live video.

Boost B2C sales with live selling

solutions sales b2b sales

Optimize conversion rates

Create live streaming sessions with your product experts and drive clicks to your shopping cart with a sense of urgency and scarcity.

Increase the average sales ticket

Promote bundles and launch discounts during the live selling sessions to create more revenue from each consumer.

Connect with younger audiences

Co-create live content with influencers in your industry and position your brand values.

Engage your community

Cement your position with your community by being open. Answer questions, gather feedback and act accordingly.

Think of live video as your ally in B2B sales

solutions sales b2b sales

Accelerate complex sales

Help customers to take well-informed purchasing decisions with live video created by your product experts.

Scale customer acquisition

Convert high volumes of sales qualified leads to opportunities and then to customers with live product demo webinars.

Generate cross-selling opportunities

Take profit of events organized by marketing or customer success teams to launch discounts and special offers for low-price products.

Build authority and leadership

Become the reference in your sector inviting influencers and experts to your join your events and webinars.

Increase salespeople efficiency through live training

solutions sales increase efficiency

Train your salesforce

Convert your salesforce in product experts with product training. Make them great closers with sales techniques training.

Enable your channel partners

Empower sales partners, resellers and franchisees to sell your products and services in their markets.

Reduce costs

By moving to online training, you will eliminate business travels and optimize time of internal and external salesforce and of trainers.

Set goals and expectations

Create live events joining together sales managers, sales reps and C-levels to discuss about next quarter goals.

Create more events with less effort

more evens less effort

Any team member can become a creator

A few clicks and your event is up and running, without integrations and complex connections. Anyone in your team will be able to use it.

Use the right format for your event

With one single platform you will create and manage webinars, virtual and hybrid events, or any other format you need.

Reduce costs in video production

Break free from the expensive external production services and create much more events than before.

Simplify your tool stack

Watchity’s covers all the steps in the event lifecycle so you will substitute several tools by one single and complete platform.

Case Study


How Generali transformed in-person sales channel training into digital.

Start to boost your business with live video now

Creating professional live video and a great experience for your events has never been easier.