Reduce costs and increase productivity

Watchity reduce production costs by using mobiles instead of professional broadcast cameras, 4G instead of satellite signal and simple tools in the cloud instead of traditional production systems.

You will be able to produce and distribute multi-camera broadcasts on digital channels in optimal quality, short and quick broadcasts with a single camera, enriched videos by a broadcast signal, or video clips.

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Generate audience for your TV shows on the air

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are perfect channels to promote entertainment content and attract viewers for on-air TV shows.

With Watchity you can create live broadcasts and special videos with interviews, previous of the sports competitions, or presentations of your new programs, and publish them simultaneously in all your social networks.

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Create native broadcasts for digital media and open a new source of revenue

When you produce a broadcast for the TV you need high quality videos. But in the digital world the requirements are not the same, so it makes sense to use more agile production platforms.

With Watchity you can easily cover sport events, musical or cultural events, or capture videos created by the users and publish them on your website and on social networks and monetize them through DAI (Dynamic ad Insertion), avoiding ad-blockers.

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Now the audience can be permanently connected with the news

People are constantly looking for authentic and free of manipulations news on Twitter and Facebook and in their trusted media, especially when there is a local information.

With Watchity, journalists will be able to create a large amount of news and opinion content on video and distribute it on Facebook, Twitter and on the web, to keep the audience permanently informed.

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Integrate the participation of the audience in your programs on the air

Viewers are no longer passive content consumers, now they want to express their opinions and interact with the presenters or actors of the programs of their choice.

With Watchity you can capture live videos in a matter of seconds to cover any unexpected situation, thanks to the collaboration of the people who are witnessing it. At the same time, you can allow the audience to participate in a live program, or in any other participatory project, maintaining the control over the received content.

Surprise your users with an innovative viewing experience

Through the interactive multi-camera player you will show the broadcast from several points of view, in this way the viewer will be able to enjoy a personalized visualization.

You can also ingest a live broadcast into the platform and enrich it with new shots and with contents adapted to the audience of the digital channels.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing simultaneously the videos or the live broadcast in multiple social networks, you will be able to amplify the scope of your original content and, at the same time, generate interactions and new followers.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to the audience.

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