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Delight your customers

Encourage regular use and repetitive purhcases with events and content that help your customers get the most out of your products.

Integrate video engagement into your content strategies for customer loyalty building

Thanks to Watchity’s wide range of features and its easy of use, video will become a strategic pillar of your customer loyalty actions.

Feedback and polls

Generate content that allow you to get feedback from your audience.

  • Video polls
  • Idea validation
  • Interactive workshops

Customer training

Generate training content so that your customers can get the most out of your products.

  • Webinars
  • Video tutorials
  • Video FAQs

Influencer campaigns

Get visibility and generate engagement thanks to content generated by influencers.

  • Social media
  • Branded content
  • Testimonials

Live eCommerce

Use live streaming to interact live with your customers and increase sales.

  • Promotions and offers
  • Selling shows
  • Exclusive offers

Create and manage your own video channel

With Watchity’s versatility, you will be able to create a continuous schedule of live events and on-demand content in the formats and channels best suited to your goals and audiences.

Key features for customer loyalty building

Live studio screenshot

Easily produce professional-looking webinars, videos and any other type of streaming media format.

Customize content by adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, letterings) and generate dynamism with automatic scene control.

Customize content by adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, letterings) and generate dynamism with automatic scene control.

Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, multi-device support and access from other countries.

Watchity automatically records your productions so you can immediately reuse all the content generated. In addition, your viewers will be able to replay any part of the event, pause the broadcast and pick up right where they left off, or watch it again in its entirely.

Manage all type of multimedia content such as videos or images. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and classify them into collections.

Centralize all content and resources used by your team members so everyone knows where to look for them and how to use them in their productions.

Energize your live sessions and boost audience participation with Watchity’s built-in interaction components. Use the interactive chat to generate conversation, activate Q&As, collect audience opinion using polls and add call-to-actions at the end of the session.

With video analytics tools you will get detailed information about audience behavior during your sessions.

Discover information such as the evolution of the number of viewers during each session, countries of origin and devices used. Also find out how on-demand videos are consumed.

Enjoy the benefits of video engagement for customer loyalty building

Brand notoriety

Build a brand image aligned with your strategy and create content that positions you.

Generate more loyalty

Encourage repeat purchase intent and brand loyalty in your potential customers.

Reach your audience

Get your content to reach many more people in the most appropriate channels.

The most complete enterprise video engagement platform

Watchity is the comprehensive solution for video production, multichannel distribution and audience engagement focused on helping you professionalize your organization’s video communication. It includes all the features you need to take your video project to the next level and multiply the reach of your customer loyalty strategies.

Profesional stream software


Produce professional-looking live events and videos for all your channels and audiences.

Stream with watchity


Integrate events and videos into your own website with a robust, secure and scalable platform.

Engage with watchity


Manage your events from start to finish, make them more participative and analyze the results.

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