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The best solution to increase your sales

Manage your own audiovisual platform to create video content that allows you to boost your sales and improve your results.

Generate more leads and boost your sales

Generate more leads and boost your sales with the perfect sales funnel of meetings, webinars and engaging audiovisual content.

Interactive experience

Attract your target audience

Produce engaging content that attracts your target audience and use the interaction elements to establish a relationship with them.

Who watches the content

Generate more leads

Create customized landing pages and registration forms that allow you to easily generate leads with all the data you need.

get results

Improve conversions

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and create valuable and customized content that will lead you to increase conversions dramatically.

Perfect for any content format


Create engaging, brand-driven webinars that convey professionalism and grab the attention of your target audience.

Use interactive and participatory elements to establish a relationship with the audience and collect all the data you need.

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Live commerce

Make live commerce sessions to approach your products to your audience in a more personal and detailed way.

Take advantage to all the platform’s features to answer questions, solve doubts and allow for the exchange of opinions.

On-demand video

Record and publish professional videos that help your target audience move through the sales funnel.

Create videos that help make your brand more accessible, and allow the audience to relate to it and your products.

On-demand video

Workshops online

Organize online workshops to show your customers the most important topics of your brand and allow them to participate.

Use interaction elements to create an interactive environment for them to share their opinions, recommendations, etc.

Perfect for any use case

Sales growth

Create professional and valuable live video that generates a sales growth.

Product demos

Show the value of your products to your potential customers through live video.


Invite people to talk about their experience with your brand and products to generate trust in your potential customers.

Recruiting sessions

Organize live recruiting sessions to establish a great relationship with the candidates and interact with them.

Investor relations

Conduct meetings or follow-up sessions with investors to promote your company's image.

Create a successful sales funnel

Live studio screenshot

Easily produce webinars, demos and any other type of audiovisual live content with a professional looking.

Customize the content adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, letterings) and generate dynamism with the automatic scene control.

Integrate the content into your website using embed code and offer the audience a viewing experience like that of the big streaming platforms.

Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, compatibility with multiple devices and access from other countries.

Watchity automatically records your productions so you can immediately reuse all the content generated and give your live video a second life.

Your viewers will be able to replay any part of the event, pause the broadcast and pick up right where they left off, or watch it again in its entirety.

Manage all types of multimedia content such as videos or images. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and sort them into collections.

Centralize all content and resources used by your team members so everyone knows where to look for them and how to use them in their productions.

Engage your viewers by creating customizable landing pages with your brand image and activate a countdown to create a sense of urgency in the audience

Activate the registration form and configure it with the necessary fields to capture data from your viewers. You can also enable customizable email cadences to maintain interest in your event and ensure the attendance of registered users.

Energize your events and encourage audience participation with Watchity’s built-in interaction components. Use the interactive chat to generate conversation, activate Q&As, gather audience feedback with surveys and add call-to-actions at the end of the session.

Use the list of connected participants to make real-time decisions about pace and content to keep the audience’s attention.

With video analytics tools you will get detailed information about the audience behavior during your events.

Discover information such as the evolution of the number of viewers during each session, countries of origin, and devices used. Find out how on-demand videos are consumed.

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