The Rise of Virtual Events

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When the pandemic hit earlier this year, we saw the progressive cancellation of all the in-person events around the world. Companies specialized in virtual events software helped organizations successfully migrate their events online, helping people to stay connected and engaged. Here at Watchity, we are honored to have been one of them. We’ve seen firsthand how the demand to create all kinds of virtual events has increased dramatically this year.

By doing their events virtually, organizations have discovered benefits that show how virtual events are here to stay beyond the current health situation.

Benefits of virtual events

Record-breaking attendee numbers

In a face-to-face event, attendance is limited to the venue’s capacity. Virtual events give an opportunity to increase participant registrations. Moreover, there were a lot of people who hadn’t attended events in the past due to schedule, price or distance restrictions. Those limits don’t exist anymore.

A new revenue

Thanks to data, virtual events are more valuable to host and sponsor. Companies have sought new creative sponsorships that bring revenue. For instance, fun branding opportunities through virtual room sponsors.

Better programming and speakers

As organizations are saving venue costs, they can spend more money on industry-leading speakers, workshops and other items that will increase the event’s quality.

Social connectivity opportunities

Online events allow people from all around the world to connect. It is a great opportunity to build new connections and reach a new audience.

What will happen to virtual events?

Virtual events that have taken place during this pandemic will endure after this health crisis ends. All kinds of online events from virtual conferences to virtual cooking classes have now proven to boost traffic web and sales.

Earlier this year, some people questioned the long-term relevancy of virtual events. Now, at the end of the year, no one is questioning it anymore.

This doesn’t mean live events aren’t coming back. However, when they do, you can expect them to be hybrid events, where you will be able to attend virtually or in-person. This combination can ultimately play up the advantages that come with in-person events, while also having the more flexible benefits that can be drawn from virtual aspects.

If you’re interested in creating great virtual events send us a message or request a free trial of Watchity.

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