The tool to produce and broadcast institutional events

Easily produce institutional events and broadcast them simultaneously on your corporate website or all your social networks.

Increase the reach and engagement of your institutional events

Speed up the information distribution

Simultaneously broadcast institutional acts on as many destinations as you want and make live clips to share on social networks.

Get the media to spread the word

Give journalists an easy way to see, interact with, and report on you.

Avoid rumours and misinformation

Position your communication team as the first and most accurate information source.

Increases transparency with citizens

Facilitate access to information for citizens by broadcasting the acts on your website or social networks.

See how the Watchity institutional events production and broadcasting tool works

Days before the live session

Schedule the session and create publicity through all your social media accounts.

Minutes before the live session

Connect a professional camera for better quality. Start a countdown when everything is ready.

During the live session

The Live Studio will create a simultaneous broadcast on as many channels as you want.

After the live session

Use each analytics feature to see data on who attended, how they interacted, how long they spent viewing the event, etc.

Days before the live session

Discover the new event on social media.

Minutes before the live session

Connect to the session through the social network app or through the web.

During the live session

View the session, ask questions and share comments with other viewers through the social network chat.

After the live session

View the content again if the social network allows this function.

Case study

Generalitat de Catalunya

How Generalitat de Catalunya enhances the reach of social networks with live broadcasts and clipping, and shares content with the media.

Transform your communication with Watchity

Creating professional live video to improve your organization's communication has never been so easy.