Production and multistream of professional events on social networks

Produce and broadcast professional content on all your social networks simultaneously.

Create social media videos that live up to your brand's name

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Do it like a pro

A powerful Live Studio that will allow you to create fresh yet professional live videos easily customized for your brand.

Broadcast where your audience is

Easily broadcast on the channels of your audience’s choice. LinkedIn for business professionals, Instagram for lifestyle and fashion, Twitter for sports…

Use the most appropriate format

Adapt the content format to the audiences you want to reach. Co-create content with influencers and industry experts.

Simulcast to extend your reach

Broadcast simultaneously to all the destinations at once with just a click. Multiply your views by broadcasting to your guests’ and partners’ social media accounts.

See how the Watchity multistream solution for social media works

Days before the live session

Schedule the session and create publicity through all your social media accounts. Create a session outline and practice.

Minutes before the live session

Welcome speakers to the videconferencing room. Connect a professional camera for better quality. Start a countdown when everything is ready.

During the live session

The Live Studio will create a broadcast with the guests’ webcams, your logo, and the background, while you focus on moderating the social media chats.

After the live session

Use each social media analytics feature to see data on who attended, how they interacted, how long they spent watching the event, etc.

Days before the live session

Receive a link to the conferencing room to familiarize yourself with the tool and participate in a trial to test everything.

Minutes before the live session

Enter the conference room, activate the camera and microphone, and receive up-to-the-minute information from the event organizer.

During the live session

Take part in the session without worrying about anything else. Share the screen to show presentations or any other element if you need it.

After the live session

Download the recording of the session and get information about the event.

Days before the live session

Discover the new event on social media and register using the functions provided by each social network.

Minutes before the live session

Connect to the session through the social network app or through the web.

During the live session

Watch the session, ask questions to the organizer and guests, and share comments to other viewers through the social network chat.

After the live session

Watch the content again if the social network allows it.

Case study

EuroLeague Basketball

How EuroLeague Basketball broadcasted on their social networks extra content of the Final Four 2021 competition.

Transform your communication with Watchity

Creating professional live video to improve your organization's communication has never been so easy.