Corporate communication

The corporate audiovisual communication solution

Manage your own audiovisual platform to create video content that allows you to boost your communication and enhance transparency.

Improve your company's communication and become a leader

Improve the transparency of your company both internally and externally and become a leader in your industry with professional and valuable content for your target audience.

great interactive experience

Improve the flow of information

Make your internal and external communication constant and share key information about current events, ideas, projects and goals.

with your own brand

Strengthen brand image

Work and strengthen your corporate identity so that potential customers identify you as a solid and strong company.

incrementa la fidelizacion

Increase fidelization

Reach your target audience, make yourself known in the market and make your customers feel identified and, consequently, loyal.

Create any type of content format

  • Webinars
  • Press conferences
  • On demand video
  • Institutional events


Create webinars periodically to treat different topics of interest to convey professionalism and reach all your stakeholders.

Use interactive and participatory elements to establish a relationship with the audience and encourage them to identify with your brand.



Press conferences

Broadcast press conferences with the institutional branding and include the participation of accredited journalists and media.

Enhance visibility by making simultaneous use of multistreaming (broadcasting on social media) and broadcasting on the corporate website.

On demand video

Record and publish professional videos that address topics of interest for your internal and external audience to consume whenever they want.

Create videos that help make your brand more accessible and transparent, and that allow the audience to relate and identify with it.

On demand video

video bajo demanda
video bajo demanda

Institutional events

Organize institutional events of interest to both internal and external audiences.

Broadcast these events on your corporate or institutional website and connect social networks with multistream feature to give them greater visibility.

Create a perfect communication strategy with Watchity

Watchity provides your communication team with everything it needs to become an effective audiovisual source at the service of the organization

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  • Video production

    Easily produce webinars, press conferences and any other type of audiovisual format live with a professional looking.

    Customize content adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos and letterings) and generate dynamism with the automatic scene control.


  • Embed in the institutional web

    Integrate the content in your web through an embed code and offer to the audience a complete viewing experience to maintain their interest.

    Watchity handles the scalability for large volumes of viewers, the compatibility with multiple devices and the access from other countries.


  • Multistream

    Broadcast the events simultaneously, without a limit of destinations and in a single click, on the most appropriate social networks for the target audience and your communication goals.

    Connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Youtube accounts with Watchity’s native integrations. Stream to Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and many destinations using RTMP.


  • Live clipping

    Quickly create frame-accurate cuts from live events and generate mp4 video clips, without waiting for the event to end.

    Share them on your social network accounts with one click to generate notoriety or publish them on your website with the embed code.


  • Media library

    Manage all kinds of multimedia content such as videos or images. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and classify them into collections.

    Centralize all content and resources used by your team members so that everyone knows where to look for them and how to use them in their productions.

    Video hosting

  • Security

    If the content you produce is confidential, with Watchity you don’t have to worry about anything. Use Amazon Cloudfront securiy mechanisms, encrypted content or network attack prevention to protect your content.


Case study

generalitat de catalunya

Generalitat de Catalunya

The Government of Catalonia boosts social media reach with live simulcasts and clipping and shares content with the media.

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Easily produce professional audiovisual content with your brand image.




Embed videos and events in your own portals and web pages, in Full HD quality.




Enrich your events with an interactive and participatory experience from start to finish.


Manage your audiovisual platform with Watchity

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