Customer loyalty-building

The best solution to empower your customer service

Manage your own audiovisual platform to create customer service content, improve the customer experience and enhance attention before, during and after the purchase.

Turn your customer service into a complete experience

Improve your company's customer experience throughout the sales cycle and become a benchmark in customer service.

great interactive experience

Humanize your brand

Make your consumers see your brand as an ally and help them optimize the use of your products to get the most out of them.

incrementa la fidelizacion

Build customer loyalty

Generate a constant flow of useful content for your consumers in order to build loyalty and make them choose you over your competitors.

amplificar el soporte

Amplify support

Create a multi-channel support and content strategy to help your customers regardless of where they are or how they want to communicate.

Create any type of content format

  • Webinars
  • Questions and answers
  • On demand video


Create interactive webinars with up to 10 participants and unlimited audiences for any purpose, with registration, reminders and audience participation.

Use all the interaction elements offered by the platform to interact with your audiences and make them live a unique and memorable experience so they remember your brand.



Questions and answers

Share Q&A sessions so your customers can ask you questions through the interaction elements and address their concerns.

You can also produce the sessions in advance by answering the most frequently asked questions and share them as on-demand video so that viewers can watch them on-demand.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers
Questions and answers

On demand video

Produce videos with professional production software and add graphic elements that represent your brand image so your audience can quickly identify your content.

Create a library of on-demand content so your customers can access it at any time and from anywhere to solve any questions or problems they may have quickly.

On demand vídeo

video bajo demanda
video bajo demanda

Create a perfect customer service strategy

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  • Video production

    Easily produce professional-looking webinars, videos and any other type of streaming media format.

    Customize content by adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, letterings) and generate dynamism with automatic scene control.


  • Embed in your website

    Integrate content into your own website using an embed code and offer your audience a complete viewing experience to keep them engaged.

    Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, multi-device support and access from other countries.


  • Auto-recording

    Watchity automatically records your productions so you can immediately reuse all the content generated. In addition, your viewers will be able to replay any part of the event, pause the broadcast and pick up right where they left off, or watch it again in its entirely.


  • Multimedia repository

    Manage all type of multimedia content such as videos or images. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and classify them into collections.

    Centralize all content and resources used by your team members so everyone knows where to look for them and how to use them in their productions.

    Video hosting

  • Interaction components

    Energize your live sessions and boost audience participation with Watchity’s built-in interaction components. Use the interactive chat to generate conversation, activate Q&As, collect audience opinion using polls and add call-to-actions at the end of the session.

    Interaction components

  • Video analytics

    With video analytics tools you will get detailed information about audience behavior during your sessions.

    Discover information such as the evolution of the number of viewers during each session, countries of origin and devices used. Also find out how on-demand videos are consumed.


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Easily produce professional audiovisual content with your brand image.




Embed videos and events in your own portals and web pages, in Full HD quality.




Enrich your events with an interactive and participatory experience from start to finish.


Manage your audiovisual platform with Watchity

Try a free version by yourself or arrange a demo so that we can present it to you in a personalised session adapted to your needs.

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