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Webinar software for successful companies

Create great-looking webinars that set your brand apart. Add interaction features and CTAs to drive conversions. Manage the full event lifecycle from event marketing to analytics.

Running Webinars the Old Way is What Old Companies Do.

You are already organizing webinars but are achieving modest results. There are roadblocks limiting your brand’s success.

Your webinar looks just like any other meeting

Traditional webinar platforms look like any boring meeting, with limited video quality and no brand customization. Your brand is underrepresented.

You spend a lot of money in audiovisual production

Ok, your webinars already have a professional look, but you must hire an external provider to produce the live video, so your costs rise.

You need several tools to manage your webinars

You are using a different tool for each step in your webinar lifecyle (CMS, CRM, email automation, etc.), but would prefer an integral solution.

Create amazing webinars and make your brand stand out

solutions amazing webinar

Look like a pro

A simple but powerful Live Studio that will allow you to create TV-like video with a strong brand presence with no more effort than managing a videoconference.

Attract your viewers

Integrated marketing tools to promote your event and drive registrations through beautiful landing pages, simple registration forms and friendly automated emails.

Boost engagement

Your attendees will enjoy a high-quality, browser-based viewing experience -like when watching entertainment content-, while you activate them with real-time interaction features.

Optimize your strategy

Event and video analytics that will help you improve the way you promote, produce and manage webinars through actionable insights.

See how it works

Days before the webinar

Schedule the webinar and customize the landing page, the registration form and the reminder emails with your brand. Promote the event and control registrations.

Minutes before the webinar

Welcome the guests to the speaking room. See how much viewers have connected to the event room. Activate the countdown when everything is ready.

During the webinar

The live studio will create a beautiful streaming with the guest webcams, your logo and background, while you concentrate on launching calls-to-action or moderating the chat.

After the webinar

See data about who attended, how people interacted, how much time they watched, and much more information to improve your webinars.

Days before the webinar

Receive a link to the speaking room to become familiar with the tool and participate in a rehearsal to test everything.

Minutes before the webinar

Enter the speaking room, activate camera and microphone and receive last minute information from the host.

During the webinar

Take part in the webinar without worrying about anything else. Share the screen to show presentations or any other element. See questions comming from the chat.

After the webinar

Download the recording of the webinar and information about how the session performed.

Days before the webinar

Register for the webinar using the form. An email confirmation with a calendar event and a link to the event room is automatically sent.

Minutes before the webinar

Connect to the webinar with your browser through the event room link. You don’t need to download nor install anything.

During the webinar

Watch the webinar, ask questions to the host and guests and share comments with other attendees through the chat.

After the webinar

Watch again the content using the same event room url. Rate the webinar and let the host know what you liked the most.

study case accio Generalitat de Catalunya
Case Study


ACCIÓ hosts weekly high-quality business and commercial training webinars for citizens, generating a large amount of multimedia content always available on-demand.

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