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Multistream and live clipping

Stream your events simultaneously on all your social networks. Generate and share clips from your live broadcast.

A comprehensive video and streaming solution for social media

The Social Video features boost the use of social networks in events to achieve greater visibility and engagement, taking the experience to the most appropriate channel for each audience segment.

Stream live video in social media
Simultaneously stream your events on multiple accounts and profiles of your social networks in one click, adapting the format to each network.

Create and share clips instanly
Easily create real-time clips from the live stream and share them across social accounts and pages without having to wait for the event to end.

Agile cloud team work

Social Video is a 100% cloud tool. This means that you can work with it from anywhere using any device with an internet connection, and collaborate with other users on a single project.

In addition, its user interface is designed to simplify and streamline processes, so that anyone is able to get the most out of it.

Comunicación interna

Social Video features

Event management

Schedule events easily

Event creation in Watchity is very intuitive. You just have to schedule the event indicating the name, date, start time and its duration. You can do it just when you need it, or hours, days and even weeks in advance.

In addition, with the calendar view it will be very easy for you to see the events you have scheduled for the next few days.

Crear evento y calendario de eventos
in your web page
Event management

Manage as many simultaneous events as you need

Scalability is at the core of all Watchity products. With Social Video you will be able to create and manage as many parallel events as you need, and in all of them, you will be able to use the multistream and live clipping features.

The cloud infrastructure that the platform runs on automatically scales to accommodate any volume of usage.

En Watchity, cada evento dispone de un servidor dedicado y exclusivo, dimensionado para ofrecer un rendimiento óptimo.

Video ingestion

Connect your live video feed

With Watchity you can work in two ways, depending on whether or not you already have the audiovisual production of the event resolved.

  • For events produced with other tools, you can send the video feed using RTMP push, simply by generating a publishing point in Watchity and obtaining the URL and stream key you need to insert them into your video encoder.
  • If you want to produce the event with Watchity (or just add graphics and other elements to your production), you can do it using Live Studio, Watchity’s streaming software.

If you use RTMP push, you can maintain a persistent publishing point for all your events, so you don’t have to change your video encoder settings for each event.

Pantalla de conexión de un flujo de vídeo en vivo
Calidades de vídeo
Video ingestion

In the video quality you need

At Watchity you can manage the video qualities that best fit your use case, since the platform can be configured according to your needs.

You can ingest live video in a maximum resolution of 1080p, with bitrates up to 10 Mbps and framerates of 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.

Video ingestion

Principal and backup inputs

For any event it is possible to have two live input streams: main and backup. This way, if you have a problem with the main input, you can quickly switch to the backup signal to continue your broadcast without problems.

Principal y backup
Añadir marca a la emisión

Add your logo to the streaming

Even if you already have your live video feed produced with another system outside of Watchity, you can use Watchity’s branding capabilities to add your logo (or that of your sponsors or other event participants), as well as other representative elements of your brand through overlays.

Format conversion

Automatic conversion to multiple formats

The input video signal is “transcoded” to multiple video resolutions and qualities, to adapt it to the destinations in which it will be broadcast through multistreaming, as well as to generate the clips with the necessary qualities for sharing on social networks.

Conversión de formatos
automatic event recording

Automated event recording

Watchity automatically records the event to allow you to generate clips during or after the event. The recording is kept on the platform until you want to delete it (you can keep it online indefinitely), and there is no limit to its duration.


Connect your social networks easily with native integrations

Watchity has developed integrations with Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter APIs,
Watchity ha desarrollado una serie de integraciones con las APIs de Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn y Twitter, so that it is very easy for you to connect any destination within these social networks. The conection process is carried out entirely in Watchity without you having to enter each social network aplications.

In addition, the social media access credentials are saved in Watchity, so that access control is simplified.

Social media API

Connect any other destination with RTMP

Customizable RTMP connections let you broadcast to any destination that supports RTMP push, such as Instagram, Twitch TikTok.

You only have to create an RTMP publication point in the corresponding destination and enter it in Watchity so that the connection between the two platforms is generated.


Stream to as many destinations as you want

There is no limit to the number of social networks in which to publish your events. The scalability of the platform allows you to generate as many simultaneous live video streams as destinations you want to manage.

In addition, you will not only be able to broadcast on multiple social networks but also on various profiles and pages within each network, thus amplifying the reach of your events.

Multiples formatos

Choose the most appropriate format for each social network

Each social network has its particularities in terms of the format in which it must be broadcast, being necessary to send the video signal with the aspect ratio, resolution, framerate and bitrate necessary for optimal performance.

Watchity is in charge of generating all the possible combinations so that you only have to choose the one that best fits for each destination. By default, the platform chooses the most appropriate combination in each case.


Control each destination independently

When the event begins, the platform automatically sends the live stream to all connected destinations. However, it allows you to control each connection separately and enable/disable the connection at your discretion.

This way, you can decide which parts of your event you stream on each social network and on each profile or page, thus adapting your strategy to the use case.

Control de destinos individualizado
clipping de live y on demand
Live clipping

Clip live videos, event recordings or any other video

The versatility of the Watchity clipping tool will allow you to adapt it to your use case. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Clips from live stream: “hot clipping” from the broadcast of the event.
  • Clips from the event recording: cut clips once the event is over, accessing its recording.
  • Clips from a video: cut clips from a video that you have uploaded to the platform.
Live clipping

Start and end points with frame-level precision

You can move forward and backward in timeline of the live event to locate the desired segment, and set the start and end points of the cut.

Additional controls are enabled on the screen to be able to move both points with a precision level of 5 seconds, 1 second and frame by frame.

Finally, the generation of the cut is done with frame-level precision.

Corte a nivel de frame
Previsualizar y exportar
Live clipping

Preview and export

Once the start and end points of the cut are indicated, the editor shows a preview of the cut so you can adjust it until, and finally export it.

The export of the clip is carried out according to the format configuration that you have previously specified. In this way, for the same clip, as many combinations of resolution, bitrate and framerate are generated as you need.

Live clipping

Add your brand image

Watchity allows you to automatically add a series of standard assets to your clips with the aim of achieving total brand customization through pre-roll, logo and post-roll.

Personalización del clip con la marca
Compartir clip en redes
Live clipping

Share the clip in social media

Once the clip has been generated, it is directly uploaded to social networks from the platform thanks to the integrations between Watchity and each social network.

You can choose whether to publish the clip to all configured destinations or only to one of them.

Alternatively, you can also download the clip in mp4 to post it manually or using any other social media management tool.

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