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Join our partner program and unlock new horizons in the rapidly evolving world of video collaboration and live streaming.
partner program

Watchity Partner Program highlights

As a member in our Partner Program, you will gain exclusive access to a range of benefits and resources that will enable you to expand your offerings and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

Cutting-edge technology

Leverage our state-of-the-art video engagement platform and empower your clients with top-notch solutions.

Competitive margins

Generate substantial revenue while providing competitive pricing to your customers with our attractive SaaS model.

Comprehensive support

Dedicated account managers that work closely with you, offering training, and technical support to maximize your sales potential.

Ways to partner with Watchity

Our partners range from global enterprises to startups and entrepreneurs. Whether you are a small team or a larger service provider servicing enterprise clients, we have the means to collaborate and achieve success together.

Reseller partner

Bring your current and new customers all the power of video engagement reselling our SaaS products.

Corporate eLearning

Referral partner

Earn revenue by introducing clients to Watchity. Gain unlimited access to our product free trial and sales resources.

B2B and B2C Marketing

Platform partner

Integrate our tools inside your platform and products to bring your users all the features around video engagement.

Integration partner

Build software integrations and applications with Watchity APIs to improve processes and experiences for joint customers.

What is Watchity?

Watchity is the most complete video engagement platform for brands and businesses. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools to create webinars, virtual events and audiovisual content with memorable experiences.

Professional video

TV-like video content, including graphic elements, scenes, transitions and other visual resources.

Friendly and interactive environment

Browser-based, Full HD streaming, personalized control of the visualization, and participation features.

On your website, with your brand

Embed events and content on your own website and fully customize them with your brand look & feel.

Businesses and brands already using Watchity

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