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Get to know the features provided by Watchity and learn how you can make the most of them thanks to the video demos.

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watchity create overview

Watchity Create overview

4 min

See how to create TV-like live video and audiovisual content to show a professional and branded image.

Branding graphics

Graphics and branding

2 min

See how to use Watchity’s graphics and branding to customize the content with your brand.

Composition of scenes

Scene composition

2 min

See how to use Watchity’s dynamic scenes composition to get the most out of your events.

guest room

Guest room

1 min

See how the speakers will access and use Watchity’s private and secure guest room.

Stream overview

Watchity Stream overview

3 min

See how to broadcast on your own streaming channel and gain full control over user experience, data and brand image.

Engage overview

Watchity Engage overview

3 min

See how to increase engagement and improve results by engaging your viewers and creating more interactive experiences.

Webinars and interactive events

Webinars and interactive events

7 min

See how to create a webinar or interactive event from start to finish with all Watchity’s features.

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