The enterprise video engagement platform

Easily create and stream online events and video content that look more professional, are more interactive and have a better viewing experience to drive engagement and results

interactive audiovisual platform

All the features you need to integrate video engagement in your company

Watchity is the only comprehensive solution for video production, live streaming and audience participation focused on helping you professionalize your events and content and improve engagement. It includes everything you need to take your video project to the next level.

Professional streaming software


Produce professional-looking live video by yoursel for any type of event.

Corporate streaming platform


Embed the event on your website with a robust, secure and scalable platform.

Audience engagement tools


Manage your events from start to finish and make them participatory.

How can you use Watchity?

With Watchity, you will be able to have a new interactive channel viodeo channel for your company and manage a continuous schedule of live events and on-demand content in the most appropriate formats for your goals and audiences.

What can you use Watchity for?

Thanks to the platform’s versatility, flexibility and ease of use, you can easily integrate video engagement into your main business activities.

Connect with your employees globally

Create good-looking and interactive events for your employees with an experience as that of the large streaming platforms in a secure and private environment.

  • Corporate events
  • Town hall meetings
  • All hands meetings
Comunicación corporativa

Professionalize corporate communication

Boost and position your brand and multiply the reach of your external communication becoming a professional media at the service of your company.

  • Thought leadership
  • Press conferences
  • Launches
Comunicación corporativa

Streamline training across the organization

Boost your employees and partners’ professional development with more professional and participative content and training sessions.

  • Employee training
  • Commercial network training
  • Partner training
Corporate eLearning

Engage and convert your customers

Generate more demand and accelerate the sales process of your products and services by optimizing your customer acquisition channel with video engagement.

  • Content marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Events with influencers
B2B and B2C Marketing

Boost brand positioning

Promote your customer purchase intent and reinforce your brand with fresh, dynamic and authentic events and video content.

  • Promotional events
  • Influencer marketing
  • Branded content
B2B and B2C Marketing

Delight and retain your customers

Encourage regular use and repetitive purchases with events and content that help your customers get the most out of your products.

  • Training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • Pre-release of news
Customer loyalty-building

The advantages of an enterprise-grade platform

Unlike other low-cost tools and platforms, the Watchity suite has been designed with the needs of large organizations in mind.

Brand customization

Brand customization

Your brand image will always be present throughout the entire viewer experience.

API integration

API Integration

Connect Watchity with your own applications and systems thanks to the API.

Premium support

Premium support

Count on a personal and close service that will help you with any doubt.

Watchity VS other platforms

Watchity’s enterprise video engagement approach outperforms most existing platforms, as it delivers many more features for managing professional events from start to finish.

Watchity vs Streamyard, OBS o VMIX

With Watchity, you will produce professional content like the stuff you are creating now, but you will also have your own corporate streaming platform to broadcast high-quality video and interact with your audience.

You will obtain event promotion features such as landing pages, registration forms and email cadences that can be totally personalised with your brand, and take business decisions based on the integrated analytics.

With Watchity, you will create professional live video that will make your brand a stand-out in terms of brand appearance, but without having to make a greater effort than you currently do to manage your video conference platform.

You will also be able to stream your events in a much more user-friendly web-based viewing environment with superior video quality.

With Watchity, you will easily create professional live video that will represent your brand better and will deliver a better viewing experience to an unlimited number of viewers in all your webinars.

All this without having to forego the event management and promotion features you are used to having, such as the creation and personalisation of landing pages, registration forms and automated email cadences.

Watchity makes it much easier for you to create webinars, interviews, round-tables and other small-format events that look spectacular and also manage them comprehensively without all the paraphernalia associated with the major virtual event platforms.

And for your big events, you can integrate Watchity with your event platform to enhance your audience’s experience using professional live video. With an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions and spectators.

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