Transform your
events and content into memorable experiences

Easily create webinars, virtual events, live video for social media and professional videos that impact your audience.

It’s time to take your communication to another level

In an increasingly audiovisual world, you have to stand out. You need tools that help you arouse emotions in your audience, reinforce your brand positioning and drive engagement.
event room

The video engagement solution that boosts your brand

With Watchity, your online events and audiovisual content will have a much more professional look, a friendlier and more interactive user experience, and a greater brand presence.

Professional video

TV-like video content, including graphic elements, scenes, transitions and other visual resources.

Friendly and interactive environment

Browser-based, Full HD streaming, personalized control of the visualization, and participation features.

On your website, with your brand

Embed events and content on your own website and fully customize them with your brand look & feel.

Create webinars and virtual events with better results

Take your events to another level to improve engagement and results:

  • TV look live content, created by yourself with Live Studio or generated by our automated virtual producer.
  • Browser-based event room with FullHD streaming and advanced controls (pause, replays, …)
  • More participation and interaction with the audience through chat, Q&A, voting and CTAs.

And also, you can integrate the events on your website, customize them with your brand image, create landing pages, manage registrations, automate emails and analyze the results. Everything from a single place.

Livestream in social media to dinamize your community

Eventos de redes sociales

Amplify the reach and visibility of your events and generate more interaction:

  • Professional live video production adapted to the appropriate formats for each social network.
  • Multistream for simultaneous streaming on multiple accounts and profiles with unlimited destinations.
  • Live clipping to generate clips from the broadcast and share them instantly on networks.

With native integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube and RTMP streaming on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and many others.

Descubre Social Video

Record and edit videos that reinforce communication

Podcasts, courses, tutorials and all kinds of content for your audiences:

  • Video creation with webcam recording, screen capture and simplified editing with brand assets.
  • Multimedia content management with advanced classification system and unlimited capacity.
  • Publishing content using the embed code or via API integration.

With a customizable multi-device player and adaptive multibitrate streaming, supported by the Amazon CloudFront global distribution network.

Descubre Content Hub

A video platform designed for the enterprise

Watchity includes all the features you expect from a premium platform so that you can evolve your audiovisual project without limits.

Scalable and secure

Watchity supports any number of simultaneous events and viewers, and it does so in a secure and confidential environment.

Integrable via API

The API layer allows you to connect the solution with your own applications and systems to automate tasks or integrate data.

With premium support

At Watchity you have a personalized support service that knows your project and helps you achieve success in your events.

A SaaS solution that adapts to your needs

Watchity’s modular structure allows you to contract the complete suite or only the products and functionalities that fit your project.

Event Platform

Manage your webinars, virtual and hybrid events from start to finish.


Live Studio

Produce tv-live live video for your events.

Software de streaming profesional

Social Video

Stream live video and generate clips or all your social networks.


Content Hub

Edit videos, manage your content and publish them on your own video portal.

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