Create. Stream. Engage.

Boost communication, engagement and results with
your own interactive audiovisual platform


Easily create content and events for your platform in any format you need

Watchity is the all in-professional audiovisual solution you can use to create and distribute, on your own platform, a continuous programme of content and events for all your audiences with the formats best suited to your objectives.

Webinars and interactive and participative events totally customised with your brand.
Streamed events on your own website with a rugged, scalable and secure solution.
Professional event production and streaming on your social network accounts and profiles.
Recording and publication of video content for on-demand viewing by your audience.

Be a cut above the rest with a professional audiovisual platform personalised with your brand


Professional-looking content produced by yourself


On your own website, with your brand image


With a great interactive experience

Expand the use cases of your audiovisual platform to the entire company

With Watchity’s results-oriented approach and design based on company needs, you will be able to boost your marketing, communication, training and sales strategy to improve your relationship with your internal and external audiences.

  • Marketing and sales
  • Corporate communication
  • Online training
  • Customer loyalty-building

Marketing and sales

Position your brand, generate demand and drive sales through an ongoing interactive audiovisual content strategy for your web and your social media.

  • Brand leadership events.
  • Product demos.
  • Live commerce.
  • Social media events.
  • Contests and competitions.
  • Product launches.
  • Interviews and podcasts.
  • Events with influencers.

Corporate communication

Achieve greater visibility, greater transparency of institutional and corporate activity and a better customer service using a 360º multichannel communication strategy.

  • Internal communication.
  • Press conferences.
  • Company announcements.
  • Corporate culture.
  • Presentation of results.
  • Institutional events.

Online training

Make the training for your clients, employees, network of branches, partners and dealers more dynamic. Extend online training to the entire organisation and increase session frequency while also cutting costs.

  • Training webinars.
  • Informative webinars.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • Video-based courses.
  • Interactive workshops.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Informative videos.

Customer loyalty-building

Increase client loyalty with the help of added-value content that helps them to make the most of the products that they have purchased and generate a repeat-purchase propensity.

  • Tutorial videos.
  • Social media events.
  • Client feedback.
  • New product pre-launch.
  • Q&A sessions.

Make your audiovisual platform more dynamic with a unique combination of features

Watchity offers you the set of integrated features you need to manage your audiovisual platform professionally through a unique combination that no other tool can match. Discover why it is the most comprehensive solution.

  • Create
  • Stream
  • Engage

Professional streaming software

Boast a professional and branded image by easily producing live video and other TV-like audiovisual content for the social media and other platforms.

  • Scene composition.
  • Guest room.
  • Graphics and branding.
  • Automatic recording.
  • Multi-streaming to social media.
  • Simultaneous translation.
  • Clipping.


Enterprise video platform

Take total control of user experience, audience data and brand image by publishing events and videos on your own streaming channel.

  • Player.
  • CDN.
  • Video hosting.
  • Video analytics.
  • Security.
  • API.


Audience engagement tools

Attract your audience, manage registrations, automate communication and create interactive and participative experiences to accomplish better results with your events.

  • Event room.
  • Landing pages.
  • Registration management.
  • Automated emails.
  • Interaction.
  • Reporting.
  • Integrations.


Don’t make do with Zoom. Take your audiovisual platform to the next level with Watchity

With Zoom, Teams and other solutions

Video-conference appearance, like a virtual meeting. No brand presence. The audience accesses the provider's tool.

With Watchity

A professional TV-quality look with an interactive experience controlled by your brand.

Discover the advantages of Watchity compared to other platforms

Watchity’s innovative audiovisual approach outperforms most existing platforms, either because the result is better or because it delivers may more features for managing content and events from start to finish.

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  • Watchity vs. StreamYard, OBS or Restream

    With Watchity, you will produce professional content like the stuff you are creating now, but you will also have your own corporate streaming platform to broadcast high-quality video and interact with your audience.

    You will obtain event promotion features such as landing pages, registration forms and email cadences that can be totally personalised with your brand, and take business decisions based on the integrated analytics.

  • Watchity vs. Zoom, Teams or Webex

    With Watchity, you will create professional live video that will make your brand a stand-out in terms of brand appearance, but without having to make a greater effort than you currently do to manage your video conference platform.

    You will also be able to stream your events in a much more user-friendly web-based viewing environment with superior video quality.

  • Watchity vs. GoToWebinar, Livestorm or WebinarJam

    With Watchity, you will easily create professional live video that will represent your brand better and will deliver a better viewing experience to an unlimited number of viewers in all your webinars.

    All this without having to forego the event management and promotion features you are used to having, such as the creation and personalisation of landing pages, registration forms and automated email cadences.

  • Watchity vs. Cvent, Hopin or Bizzabo

    Watchity makes it much easier for you to create webinars, interviews, round-tables and other small-format events that look spectacular and also manage them comprehensively without all the paraphernalia associated with the major virtual event platforms.

    And for your big events, you can integrate Watchity with your event platform to enhance your audience’s experience using professional live video. With an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions and spectators.

Manage your audiovisual platform with Watchity

Try a free version by yourself or arrange a demo so that we can present it to you in a personalised session adapted to your needs.