Transform the online event experience

Create webinars and virtual events with a memorable experience to boost engagement and results.

A better experience that generates more engagement

With Watchity you will master the 3 key elements to raise the level of your online events, get more audience and participation, and improve results.

More professional video

Easily create TV-like audiovisual content for your events, including graphics, scenes, transitions and other visual assets.

With more participation

Add to your events the most suitable participation features to interact with your audience in a dynamic and open way.

In a friendlier environment

Simplify the access for viewers, stream Full HD live video and allow each user to control the visualization at will.

Watchity, the comprehensive video engagement platorm for business

Watchity is the most complete video solution for businesses. The platform offers you all the products and features you need integrated into a single modular suite that will help you turn your events into memorable experiences.

Event Platform

Create and manage your webinars, virtual and hybrid events from start to finish with landing pages, registrations, emails, interactive components, analytics and integrations.


Live Studio

Produce live video for your events with dynamic scenes, transitions, graphics and branding, videos, multiple speakers, presentations, and more.

Software de streaming profesional

Social Video

Stream your events simultaneously to all your social media accounts and profiles. Generate video clips from the live broadcast and share them easily.


Content Hub

Record with your webcam, capture your screen, easily edit your videos for podcasts, event recaps or video tutorials, and publish them on your own video portal.

What can you use Watchity for?

Thanks to the platform’s versatility, flexibility and ease of use, you will be able to seamlessly integrate online events into your business activities.

Professional-looking webinars in which you will be able to send convocations, manage registrations, integrate up to 25 speakers with their webcams, add video entries, animated banners and scene transitions, and accomodate an unlimited number of viewers who will be able to connect from anywhere using any device and interact through the chat, Q&As and polls.

Manage, produce, stream and moderate with Watchity to capture leads, position your brand, train your employees, customers and partners, etc.

Discover more about Watchity’s webinar solution.

webinar solution

Events that usually take place in a physical or virtual set, are recorded by professional cameras and live production is done through a cloud production software (such as Live Studio) or on-site (such as vMix or OBS Studio), and are broadcasted to online audiences that can range from a few people to tens of thousands simultaneous viewers, facilitating their participation in the event through chat, polls, etc.

Use virtual events for online congresses or conferences, trainings where physical products are shown and require a large space, large product launches, etc.

Find out more about Watchity’s virtual events solution.

virtual events solution

Events that normally take place in a public auditorium with public that attends presentially and are broadcasted for those viewers that cannot (or don’t want to) move.

The live video is recorded with professional cameras and the production is done through a cloud production software (such as Watchity’s Live Studio) or on-site (such as Vmix or OBS Studio), and are broadcasted for online audiences that can range from a few people to tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers.

The interaction is usually done with tools such as Kahoot or Slido, although Watchity’s interaction components can also be used.

Use hybrid events to enwide the audience of your presential congresses, conferences, training, etc.

Find out more about Watchity’s hybrid event solution.

hybrid event solution

Streaming of events that don’t require any kind of interaction from the audience since these are one-way communications in which participation and feedback are not necessary.

Normally, these events are produced with a professional video equipment and are broadcasted to a large volume of viewers.

Use one-way events for internal announcements, press conferences, institutional events, or entertainment content.

Find out more about Watchity’s non-interactive event solution.

non-interactive event solution

Events that can be of any type (webinars, virtual events, hybrid events, announcements, contests, concerts, etc.) and for any communicative or marketing goal (press conferences, product launches, brand leadership, lead generation, influencer marketing, etc.).

Watchity facilitates broadcasting on social media, either only in one platform or simultaneously on all your accounts. You can connect Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube with Watchity’s native integrations and, using RTMP, stream to other popular networks such as Instagram, TikTok or Twitch.

Find out more about producing and streaming social media events.

social media events

Professionalize corporate communication. Boost and position your brand and multiply the reach of your external communication becoming a professional media at the service of your company.

  • Thought leadership
  • Press conferences
  • Launches

Discover external communication

external communication

Connect with your employees globally. Create good-looking and interactive events for your employees with an experience as that of the large streaming platforms in a secure and private environment.

  • Brand events
  • Town hall meetings
  • All hands meetings

Discover internal communication

internal communication

Streamline training across the organization. Boost your employees and partners’ professional development with more professional and participative content and training sessions.

  • Employee training
  • Commercial network training
  • Partner training

Discover online training

online training

Engage and convert your customers. Generate more demand and accelerate the sales process of your products and services by optimizing your customer acquisition channel with video engagement.

  • Content marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Events with influencers

Discover B2B marketing

B2B marketing

Boost brand positioning. Promote your customer purchase intent and reinforce your brand with fresh, dynamic and authentic events and video content.

  • Promotional events
  • Influencer marketing
  • Branded content

Discover B2C marketing

B2C marketing

Delight and retain your customers. Encourage regular use and repetitive purchases with events and content that help your customers get the most out of your products.

  • Training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • Pre-release of news

Discover customer service

customer service

Amplify the reach of your productions with an interactive, scalable and fully customizable streaming platform.

Discover event producers

event producers

Boost communication and position your brand. Multiply the reach of your communication by creating professional and interactive streaming events.

  • External communication
  • Internal communication

Descubre communication directors

communication directors

Boost your brand and get more customers. Generate more demand, drive purchase intent and accelerate sales with video engagement marketing campaigns.

  • B2B marketing
  • B2C marketing
  • Commercial training

Discover marketing directors

marketing directors

Revolutionize your company's human resources. Boost the development of employees and partners and improve your company's internal communication thanks to more professional and participative contents and training sessions.

  • Online training
  • Internal communication

Discover HR directors

HR directors

Build customer loyalty and improve their experience. Improve your customers' shopping experience and build customer loyalty thanks to a continuous calendar of content and events.

  • Customer service
  • Online training

Discover customer service directors

customer service directors

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