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Easily record and edit your videos. Manage content and publish it on your own video portal.
Content Hub
Broadcast on any device

A scalable, robust and secure video hosting platform

Content Hub provides you with you everything you would expect from a premium enterprise video platform, including the video content manager (Video CMS), the “embeddable” HTML5 video player, the content distribution network (CDN), the optional security measures, video analytics and an API tier for integrations.

Watchity’s video hosting platform features

Video CMS

Manage and publish videos with the video CMS

Upload and publish your videos to your website easily thanks to the integrated content manager and media server. For all the content you upload, Watchity will adapt the file format so that the viewing experience will be optimal on any device and in any connectivity condition, and will generate a unique publication code.

Tags & Collections

Classify your content as you prefer

Create your own customised classification system using tags, clustering them into collections. In this way, you will be able to associate all the content you upload to the platform with one or several tags and they will be automatically associated with the corresponding collections. Afterwards, you will be able to retrieve all the content of a collection and publish it on your web.


Customisable and embeddable HTML5 player

Integrate the streaming and viewing of your events in your own corporate environment thanks to the “embeddable” white label HTML5 video player that you can fully customise with your brand image.

Unlike YouTube, the Watchity logo and name disappears completely from the player so that you have full control over the experience.


Advanced player controls

Offer your viewers a totally personalised viewing experience thanks to the player’s controls. You can pause the stream and resume from where you left off, mute it, begin to view the event from the beginning even if it has already begun, watch a replay at any moment and use the timeline to run visual searches.


Live streaming in FullHD quality

With Watchity Stream, content consumption is much better than in the traditional webinar and video conference platforms.

  • Access from the web browser
  • HLS format, as in Youtube
  • Viewable on any device
  • FullHD video
  • Quality adaptable to bandwidth
  • Scalable and secure

Scalable global streaming distribution network

Distribute your content live and on demand to any place in the world and to as many viewers as you need. Watchity uses the Amazon CloudFront content distribution network (CDN), a network of servers spread across the world connected to each other which push content to viewers without buffering or lag, wherever they are located.

Distribution network

Streaming with business-grade security

You won’t have to worry about content confidentiality. Watchity includes several security mechanisms, such as the ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 of the Amazon CloudFront CDN, the delivery of HTTPS-encrypted content or protection from cyber attacks.

Besides distribution infrastructure-level security, you can also view the Watchity Engage live event access control tools.


Data and insights with video analytics

Discover and analyse all the information about content consumption by the audience. For each live broadcasting and for all on-demand videos, Watchity generates a dataset about the viewer’s experience in real-time and aggregates it, including concurrent playback, single users, playback time, mean playback time, geo-localisation, device used, etc.

In addition to video analytics, Watchity delivers a reporting system for live events based on the event registration form and event access control.


API for integrations

Connect Watchity’s solution to your applications and systems thanks to the unlimited API. You can automate tasks such as:

  • Upload a video and transcode it
  • Get the video’s embed code
  • Retrieve consumption data
  • Retrieve content from a collection

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