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Professional streaming software

Produce live video for your events with dynamic scenes, transitions, graphics, branding, videos, presentations, and more.
Profesional stream software
Powerful streaming software

Easy-to-use and powerful streaming software

Watchity Create’s features simplify the work process to the extreme:

  • Designed for inexperienced users
  • Access from the browser
  • Compatible with laptops and tablets
  • Simple controls on a single screen
  • Dedicated cloud server for each event

The most versatile video production tool

Watchity’s streaming software can be used in different ways:

  • To produce a live event
  • For near-live or hybrid broadcasts
  • To capture an RTMP signal and broadcast it to multiple sites
  • To add graphics to an RTMP signal
  • To record and edit video in real time
  • To create clips from a live broadcast or from another video
video production tool

Live Studio features

Composition of scenes

Dynamic scene composition

Connect your and your guests’ cameras, upload videos and configure the graphics settings. Choose the optimal scene mode and decide what elements you want to display on screen at any time during your event.

Watchity will compose the scene for you and will apply animated transitions whenever you make changes. Furthermore, you will be able to put any element in the position of the scene that you want, highlight one element over all the rest or mute a camera.


A private and secure guest room

Send the link to the integrated video conference tool to guests (panel members, presenters, speakers, etc.). They will be able to activate their camera and microphone and enter the room to participate in the session and also watch the broadcast being created at the same time.

Add the other members of your team to the guest room to be able to coordinate each other in real time by means of video-conferencing!

Guest room
personalize the content

Graphics to personalise the content with your brand

Add your logotype, as well as those of your sponsors and the other event participants. Choose a static or animated background from the gallery or upload your own creations as a static image or video. Display animated lower-thirds for tagging guests with a style that you can adapt to the colours of your brand using the integrated designer.


Overlays, lower-thirds and stock video clips

Add overlays in the form of calls-to-action to activate your viewers and get them to participate. Highlight comments and questions using personalised lower-thirds. Display offers, discounts and calls-to-action.

Use the stock footage available to display countdowns, other messages for certain points in the event (such as coffee breaks) or a goodbye message at the end of the session.

overlays and video clips
automatic event recording

Automatic event recording

Don’t worry about having to record the session: Just sit back and let Watchity do it for you. In this way, your viewers will be able to replay any part of the event at any time, pause playback and go back to where they left off or watch it all again in the event room.


Simultaneous translation for multi-language events

Create multi-language events by adding one RTMP input for each additional language. Use audio-only inputs if you want to maintain the same video signal being broadcast when the spectator changes the audio track on the video player. Use audio and video inputs to include video signals with presentations or content translated into each language.

multi-language events

Accessibility Options