Watchity helps you transform the online event experience

Our mission is to help you boost the engagement of your audiences in internal and external online events through easy-to-use professional audiovisual technology.

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What is Watchity?

Watchity, the comprehensive video engagement platform for business, takes online events to another level and transforms them into memorable experiences to increase the engagement and achieve better results.

The solution simplifies the 3 key elements of a great online event: the creation of professional audiovisual content, the streaming in a user-friendly virtual environment, and the dynamization of audience participation.

Watchity has been created as a response to the need for companies to take advantage of audiovisual communication to improve the relationship with their customers, partners and employees, achieving more engagement and increasing the results of their content and events in relation to what can be achieved with other video solutions.

Why Watchity?

With Watchity, enterprises and other organizations can create, throughout their entire organization, a continuous programme of content and events for their audiences, using the most convenient channels (the web, the intranet, social networks) and the most suitable formats for every need.

Ambitious brands choose Watchity to manage video-based communication in a more strategic and professional way. Creating better live content, putting its brand in front of the viewer through a complete experience, driving engagement and conversions.

Why Watchity about us

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These are the values that guide our activities

Customer first on watchity

Behind a client there is a person, and we want to know their circumstances, interests and concerns in order to accompany them and offer them the best solution.

We are committed to our clients and we are proactive, we do not wait for things to happen. We anticipate and act so that our clients reach their maximum potential.

We are open-minded and constantly exploring new ways of doing things. We do not settle. If the path does not exist, we create it.

We believe that honesty is the raw material with which relationships of trust are built. And the best way to manifest honesty is through transparency.

We are efficient and work hard to achieve success. We like to do things well and we are clear about our objective.

Drive engagement and results with Watchity

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