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Video is the best way to communicate a message between organizations and their audiences. Real-time video allows you to make the first move and boost viewers interaction. Professional video generates more engagement with the audience, as users prefer well produced stories.

When producing content for social media and web, traditional broadcast production systems become too complex and expensive. On the other hand, existing low-cost (or free) solutions are too limited for professional use. There is a gap in the market between these two approaches.

We at Watchity fill this gap with our Professional Video Creation Platform. We believe that professional video production can have a great impact in any organization, so we’re focusing all our effort in making it easier and more affordable for our customers.

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Albert Rodes


Gabriel Fernández


Francesc Pinyol

Lead Architect


Guillem Batalla

Product Manager

Sergio Castro

Frontend Developer

Alejandro Gómez

Frontend Developer

Gabriel Noblia

Account Executive

Pau Navarro

Customer Success

Marina Roca

Digital Marketing

Sergi Novo

Account Executive

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