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Event streaming platform

With Watchity’s scalable and secure event streaming platform you can easily livestream your events to worldwide audiences.

Advantages of Watchity’s event streaming solution over other streaming platforms

Unlike other streaming platforms, Watchity’s professional production, brand customization, scalability and security features will allow you to create better streaming events for any strategy.

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Watchity supports audiences comprising thousands of simultaneous viewers located anywhere in the world.

non-interactive events website

On your own website

You will be able to stream events on your own website controlling the viewing experience, and obtaining all the viewing data.

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With your brand

You will be able to add graphic items (logo, banners, cover pages, etc.) to give it a more customized look and feel.

Find out how Watchity’s streaming of events solution works step by step

Watchity’s event streaming platform offers you all the features you need to organize and stream one-way events (in other words, with audience interaction since these are one-way communication events in which participation and feedback aren’t necessary) and analyze results.


Maximize attendance to your streaming events by scheduling and promoting them in advance.

  • Event cover: design a cover for the streaming with all the necessary information about the session: cover image, title of the session, description, date and time, countdown, etc.
  • Public or restricted access: decide whether you want to stream the event openly or only to a closed audience (you can upload a list of users and activate a password for added security).
  • Access control: you will be able to request a pre-registration through a form with the information fields you want to capture from your audience.
  • Automated emails: activate the courtesy emails cadence and decide which ones you want to send: confirmation (which will include a calendar appointment with a link to the session), reminders, thank-yous, etc.
  • Brand customization: customize the landing page, the form and the emails with your corporate colors and logo. Create your own email templates with texts adapted to your communication tone.
  • Multi-language content: the video player is multi-language and automatically adapts to the language in which the user has configured they browser.
  • Integrations: use Watchity’s API to capture/send data from/to your CRM, facilitate access to internal users of your organization through Single Sign On, etc.
computer landing page


Connect any production software or video encoder to Watchity through RTMP protocol. You can also use Live Studio to produce the professional live video signal by combining cameras, graphics, pre-recorded videos and other visual elements.

  • RTMP connection:  if you have hired a video production agency for your webinar, you can facilitate them an RTMP link to send you the video signal.
  • Webcam and screenshare: open your webcam (you can use the one integrated in your computer or connect an external camera) and share your screen to show a presentation or any other type of content.
  • Guest room: send your guests (the other people who will share the session with you as speakers) a link to a private room just for them. Watchity manages all the cameras separately so you can compose the most appropriate scene.
  • Scene composition: the system takes cares of generating the most appropriate scene at each moment according to the content: frame mode, focused mode, presentation mode, etc. You can control the scene manually or leave the system in automatic mode.
  • Graphics and branding: you can add image or video covers to the broadcast, customized backgrounds, your logo and those of other participating companies, customized banners with your corporate colors, etc.
  • False live: create live events from a recording you have prepared prior to the session. Combine live video and webcam to create hybrid sessions.
  • Simultaneous translation:  if you count with a simultaneous translation service, you will be able to send to the system as many additional audio signals as you want. The video player will display a selector for the viewer to listen to the event in their own language.
  • Auto-recording: don’t worry about recording the webinar. Watchity automatically records the entire session and generates an mp4 file that you can download or open from the clipping tool to easily generate videos from the recording.
watchity studio


Offer your viewers a rewarding experience with high-quality video for any type of device and a full control of the experience.

  • Player: offer your viewers a customized viewing experience thanks to the player controls (pause and resume viewing, mute it, start viewing from the beggining even the event has already started, watch a replay, etc.) And all this in FullHD video.
  • Access from the browser: the viewer will be able to access using their favorite web browser and without having to install anything on their device, unlike other tools where the installation of an application is required.
  • Embed/URL: the event room can be integrated into any webpage via an iframe but, alternatively, it can be published in a separate URL generated by Watchity.
  • Attendance control: make real-time decisions about pace and content thanks to the list of participants, which will tell you at all times which users are attending the streaming.
Player controls


Improve the way you promote, produce and manage your streaming events by analyzing the valuable information generated in the session.

  • Attendance report: generate at any time (before, during or after the webinar) customized reports in Excel or CSV with all the information of the session, including the registered users (along with all the registration data), those who finally attended, the viewing time of each one of them, the messages they have written in the chat, etc.
  • Video analytics: find out and analyze all the consumption data of the content by the audience. Watchity generates, for each streaming, an aggregate, real-time viewer experience dataset, including concurrent reproductions, unique users, playback time, average playback time, geolocation, devices used, etc.
Post-event analysis
How the webinar works
Video production
overlays and video clips
Post-event analysis

Case study

Generalitat de catalunya
Generalitat de Catalunya

How the Generalitat de Catalunya enhances the reach of its institutional communication by broadcasting its events in Full HD on the corporate website with Watchity’s streaming of events solution.

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