Benefits of Streaming Enterprise Training
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Benefits of Streaming Enterprise Training

Generally with the emergence of new technologies and better online solutions, and specifically since the Covid-19 pandemic began, online training has expanded more and more. Currently, most organizations have used or use live video to give their employees a comprehensive, flexible and up-to-date training that complements their knowledge. Besides, this expansion is every time wider as it’s the employees themselves who demand and appreciate such training. The reason for this is that it’s now millennials who dominate today’s workforce. In addition, Gen Z has also appeared. These professionals want collaborative work environments and auto-managed professional careers. Nowadays, workers of all ages are becoming mobile and social. Thus, the key is to know how to act to enhance learning and to motivate those employees to train as much as possible. Therefore, you should promote collaboration and participation between generations, and encourage new generations to be leaders in enterprise learning. So, let’s see what the benefits of streaming enterprise training are:

Benefits of streaming enterprise training

1. Boosts a culture of continuous learning

Video is a very useful tool in the business world. Employees retain more information and learn more, which means that knowledge is regularly updated, fostering a culture of continuous learning for the company.

2. Reduces costs in travel for both the trainer and the trainees

If training sessions are held online, both the trainer and the trainees are saving costs and time in travel. They don’t have to move from home, just turn on the computer and stand in front of a camera.

3. Allows real-time interaction with the trainerr

While the training session takes place, employees who are paying attention on the other side of the screen can ask questions and explain their doubts. This way, everything is more fluid and all participants can solve their problems continuously.

4. Brings more attendees to each session

The fact that participants don’t have to move from home makes it much easier to have more attendees. Also, if they can’t assist at the live session, they can watch it later.

5. Eliminates the need to repeat the same session on different locations

Related to the point above, the fact that the session is held online and no one has to move from home means that there’s no need to repeat the same session in different locations. Because people from around the world can attend the training at the same time.

6. Increases the frequency of sessionss

Online training sessions are easier to carry out than presencial ones. For this reason, the frequency with which these sessions are given increases, and can lead to more formations and, consequently, more knowledge.

7. Users watch training from the comfort of their own desks

As we said before, users can attend the training without moving from home, just turning on their computer and standing in front of a camera. This way, employees also feel more comfortable and make training more motivated.

8. Users can watch again a training session to reinforce the lesson

Using live video for enterprise training also gives employees the option to have training on-demand. That is, once the streaming session is over, the content can be added directly to a library. This way, employees can consult the sessions whenever they want.

This also means that they can maintain continuous learning, nurturing knowledge whenever needed.

9. You can track and measure the effectiveness of training

Doing the enterprise training in streaming allows you to obtain data that in a face-to-face format you cannot have. For example, our platform offers a post-streaming analysis where you can find out how many people have viewed it, at what moments of the session more attendees connected or disconnected… among hundreds of more metrics. So you can know what works and what doesn’t in your training.

At this point, you know what the benefits of streaming training are. But do you still have doubts? Want to know more about streaming training? You can consult our guide “ Transforming enterprise training with live video in high-performing organizations“.
If you want to know how you can do live video training with Watchity, don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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