Enterprise Video After The Pandemic
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Enterprise Video After The Pandemic

Do you think that after the pandemic enterprise video will continue to have the same presence? Covid-19 brought changes to many organizations, including remote work and business video to broadcast various events. Thus, there was no choice to continue the activity. The truth is that, to the surprise of many, it has turned out to be more beneficial than expected.

According to several studies, most respondents have attended many more virtual events than they did before the pandemic. Indeed, this has been possible thanks to live video platforms, the key solutions to cope.

However, now is time to take stock and think about the coming months. Do you think enterprise video will continue to thrive and even grow after the pandemic?

On the one hand, among the benefits of business video during this time, the optimization of resources (saving time and money) and the possibility of viewing it live or on demand have stood out. On the other hand, as negative points have highlighted the technical failures of video platforms, the lack of functionalities of these to be able to improve the quality (experience of the live videos, and the inability or limitation to ask questions.
Nevertheless, a platform like Watchity allows you to offer your audience quality experiences in virtual events, webinars and training sessions. Also, it has functionalities that greatly enrich the direct ones and that facilitate the management by both the organizers and the attendees.

Enterprise video after the pandemic

According to a study recently published by Streaming Media, the main benefits, disadvantages and features to improve of virtual events are:


  • Ease of assistance. With virtual events you have the possibility to attend events that if offered in another format you wouldn’t attend.
  • Scheduling facility. Scheduling conflicts are avoided as you can view deferred sessions whenever you want.
  • Avoid travel. You have access to countless events without traveling, saving costs and with the convenience of being able to follow it from home.


  • Networking. You miss the opportunity to interact with other people and witness improvised demonstrations.
  • Production quality.The poor quality of the live videos has been part of these events. Technical difficulties often arise, lighting and audio are not up to standard, and devices and cameras can be upgraded.
  • Time-based challenges. If you want to follow it live, the time difference may not suit you. Sometimes they waste a lot of time getting to the point. Questions and answers often have a limited time.

Additional features or functions to enhance virtual events

  • Navigation. Navigation based on the agenda and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) live are some of the proposals in this regard.
  • Subtitles. Add the possibility to have subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Data network problems. Improve bandwidth and low latency management.
  • Interoperability/integrations. Possibility to join via video conferencing terminals. And offer more broadcasting options on social platforms.

Do you still think the same about the presence of business video after the pandemic?

If you thought the answer was positive, you’re right! Virtual and hybrid events are expected to increase in the coming months, thus reducing the number of face-to-face meetings held prior to the pandemic. In the same way, for virtual events it is also expected that they will continue to be held in this format and even increase if we incorporate new functionalities into solutions that provide higher quality.

If you’re interested in knowing in detail how to get the most out of business video with Watchity, or how to offer your audience virtual events, webinars or quality training sessions, send us a message or request a demo.

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