How to Create Engaging Corporate Training Webinars
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How to Create Engaging Corporate Training Webinars

It’s finally time to acknowledge the fact that almost everything will end up being done online, and corporate training is no exception. Before the pandemic hit, a lot of companies were already switching to do their training virtually through a webinar format because, among other things, it saved them time and money. But in these times, a much larger number of businesses have joined doing it this way. And this is how corporate training webinars appeared.

However, it’s important to transform the training sessions into digital formats without losing content quality or audience engagement.

With Watchity you can create engaging live training formats for employees, customers and external partners. Moreover, you can set up private environments to interact securely with your audience and combine presential attendees with remote viewers.

For instance, Honda Motor Europe Iberia wanted to maintain its educational offer for its distribution partners, transitioning it to an online format without losing quality or brand awareness. Their solution? Set up the easy-to-use Watchity live producer to enable the training team to create a high-quality video on their own and live stream on the customized player to deliver a great viewing experience.

“Thanks to Watchity, we have maintained our training offer, protecting our principals and sharing high-quality video content with them.” – Jordi Cano, Honda Motor Iberia’s Training Coordinator.

So, if you want to create amazing corporate training sessions, these are the solutions driven by Watchity:

Solutions for creating amazing corporate training webinars

1. The Event Manager

To schedule and promote all the different training sessions, including user registration and the auto-sending of reminder options integrated with calendar alerts.

2. The Live Producer

It allows you to create high-quality live video on your own. With it, you can combine Full HD multi-cameras from offices for speakers and trainers, with remote screen-sharing, prerecorded videos and graphic overlays.

3. The Embeddable Player

The player has viewing controls to play/pause the live streaming session and watch it again from the beginning. Moreover, it features automated recording and immediate on-demand availability, with login forms and an integrated chat to enable attendees to ask or submit questions. This way, you can:

Maintain brand awareness

Using your distinctive logos and media elements (covers, videos, etc) to improve and harmonize the corporate branding.

Create professional video production

Without incurring high costs and more importantly without the need for technical expertise. Be able to change shots, share videos, presentations, etc.

Control the attendance and participation

Have control of all the registered commercial agents from a distribution network as it is used to doing in face-to-face training sessions.

Improve employee satisfaction

No need to travel while also guaranteeing employee security and comfort. Besides, it’s a convenient way of receiving up-to-date information and training. The frequency of the sessions helps employees to be constantly aware of the key information they need to do their job.

If you want to know more about creating training sessions with Watchity, send us a message or request a demo.

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