Watchity product Update February 2021
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Watchity product update February 2021

Product update and resolutions for 2021

What are your resolutions for 2021? We have decided to focus on three main areas: giving you greater control of the event, offering you more options for video and image customization, and creating a better viewing and interaction experience for your audience. For this reason, today we present a new product update of Watchity.

After a few months in which everyone has embraced video communication, the difference will be made by those who offer the best playback quality and interaction options with their viewers. That’s why the first thing we have tackled this year is the reform of our web player. What improvements are we bringing you? Keep reading!

Selection of quality, subtitles and much more

Selection of quality, subtitles and much more

Committed to offering the best possible viewing experience, we have made improvements to our Watchity player. These are some of the functionalities:

  • Quality selection: offer your video in different qualities, with an automatic mode that adjusts to the connection of your viewers.
  • Language and subtitles selection: if your content has versions in other languages, audio descriptions or even subtitles, now you can make them available to your audience.
  • Broadcasting on social networks: enable the broadcasting of your video on any social network with just one click. Allow the audience to spread your content.
  • Integration with ticketing platforms: in addition to the already known Watchity registration forms, now you can also integrate your ticketing platform with us.

Broadcast on any device

Broadcast on any device

If your viewer has multiple devices, they will be able to play content on all of them. We are releasing a new version of the mobile player perfectly prepared for you to use your thumbs and make no mistake. However, the biggest novelty is the cast functionality to other devices. Now, you can broadcast the content from your mobile or laptop to your Smart TV using Chromecast or Apple TV services.

If you want more information, you can send us a message or book a demo.

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