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6 Tips to optimize the title of a webinars

As you may know, webinars broadcast video training content via the Internet. This format often englobes three types of content: courses or seminars, conferences, and workshops. In this article, we will explain how to optimize the title of a webinars, so although it is a specific and brief part of the communication, it is especially relevant to capture the attention and interest of the target.

In other words, apart from the importance of defining the topic to be addressed, of setting the goals, and of having very clear the target audience to which we turn, the title of a webinar is key because it works as a cover letter, it is the first thing that the potential audience sees. If the title is optimized, the effectiveness of the call-to-action will be greater.

Webinars can be a great tool of conversion since a high percentage of stakeholders are likely to become qualified leads. If the topic is of their interest, they agree to request more information and the content we share is of quality, we already have much of the way done. But let’s not forget that, to achieve this, the title of the webinars must match. A great title can get a larger audience, and a mediocre or unsuccessful title, the opposite fact.

How can we optimize the title of a webinars?

First, before start thinking about the title, we need to structure and write the script for the webinar. This way, we will be able to organize the ideas and focus the content to achieve the stated goals and respond to the needs of our audience. Once this is done, we can write several titles that can convey the idea we want.

Below, we share 6 tips to facilitate this task:

Use a keyword

We must think about a keyword that can convey the main idea of the topic of the webinar. We can use keyword scheduling tools to find out which keywords related to our topic are the ones that users are looking for. If we do it well and use the right keywords in the title and also in the communication messages, we will probably position ourselves better in the search engines and have a greater presence in the social networks. Or, at least, it will serve to focus on a topic that is of interest.

Focus on the topic and the target

The title must be focused on conveying the topic of the webinar but thinking about the target. Therefore, it will be essential that the theme reflected in the title is relevant for our audience. If not, it will be much more difficult for them to register.

Call the attention of the audience

Apart from using a keyword that conveys the main idea, we must try to give an original or eye-catching touch to the message. It is more complicated than it seems because it is about finding a middle ground. This means, finding a balance that allows us to attract the attention or arouse the interest of the receiver, but without crossing the limit that would lead to rejection. It usually works to add a determinate number to the title, such as “Five key ideas to…”, “The four best strategies to…”, etc. It also works if you draft the title formulating a question, such as “Are you prepared to…?”, “You still haven’t…?”, “Do you know that XX is key to…?”.

Convey what you offer

In line with the previous advice, in the message you convey with the title you must show the receiver what the webinar will accomplish. That is, what they will discover or learn, what they will be able to improve, what they will benefit from, etc. It is crucial for them to decide, at a glance, whether it is worth registering or, at least, entering for more information.

Be consistent

If in the title you “promise” a determinate content or benefit, do not disappoint them with the rest of the information. It will be useless to impact with the title to attract many visits if later the content disappoints by not being consistent or away from what you advertise.

Concretize and abbreviate

It is more than proven that long titles do not usually attract the audience. We must give the right information to attract their attention and know the purpose of the webinar as briefly and concisely as possible. Less quantity and more quality work better. It is advisable to use between 6 and 12 words for the title to be more attractive and, thus, generate more traffic.

And so far, our advice on how to optimize the title of a webinars. Did you already know the most powerful weapon to attract the attention of your target? We hope that after reading this article you will put into practice our tips to optimize the title of a webinars.

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