How to improve the appearance of your webinars

How to improve the appearance of your webinars

Live video or live streaming is already part of the normal operation of most companies. And webinars are among the formats that have increased their presence since this change caused by the pandemic. In this article, we will explain how to improve the appearance of your webinars because it is time to step up forward and offer your audience professional audiovisual content.

Apart from the relevance of planning the information or content focused to solve the needs of your audience, you must not overlook the video production, so that the final product is excellent in every sense. And this is when various factors or key elements come into play: recording equipment and accessories, audio, lighting, and the video production and broadcast platform.

Elements to improve the appearance of your webinars

Below, we explain, more concretely, what you must consider of these elements that we consider essential to improve the appearance of your webinars:

The recording equipment

A few years ago, it was complicated and expensive to create audiovisual content of quality, but currently, it is much easier and more affordable. You must analyze and choose the recording equipment that suits what you need, both features and budget. To do that, it must be clear whether the recording will take place in a studio or outside place, if the recording will be static or dynamic, if it will be retransmitted live, in what resolution you will record (HD, UHD, 4K), in what frame rate (if you will do it in 30fps or 60fps), in what channels or social networks you will share it, etc.

You can find video cameras that record in HD, UHD, and even 4K with configuration and feature options without exorbitant prices. If your budget is very low, you can obtain video productions, of more than acceptable quality, with smartphones and tablets. However, they must be of a certain quality and count with enough capacity, but these devices have the advantage of facilitating the distribution of the content on social media.

An essential accessory to complete the recording equipment is the tripod, to make the camera image stable. If the recording is going to be dynamic, we recommend a monopod, to make the image stable facilitating mobility.

The audio

This element is also decisive to determine the quality of a webinar and a live video. It is basic that you make sure to record in a quiet space or room and to choose a quality microphone (or those required).

You can get audio that is up to speed by using an external lavalier microphone, a traditional handheld, or a boom (direction microphone), according to the conveniences. To decide what option suits your needs best, you must think of the type of recording, this means if we record inside or outside, how is the space or stage of recording, how many people will participate, and what distance will be between the speaker and the camera/recording device.

It is also crucial, in addition to the above recommendations, that relevant tests are carried out before the day of the broadcast to determine the audio levels and quality.

The lighting

This point is key in video production since the lighting will determine more than 50% of the image quality. The audience must perceive a professional image, and for this, good lighting is essential.

To achieve that, you must ensure that you take care of the three lighting points: the “main light”, which fills most of the space and serves as a reference for the other two, the “fill light”, which is placed on the opposite side of the main lamp and serves to delete the leftovers caused by the main light on the person or subject, and the “backlight”, which is placed just behind the main subject of recording (far higher than the head) directing the light to the shoulders to provide volume.

The use of LED panels that can regulate the temperature (warm/cold image) will allow you to adjust the image according to your needs in this sense. You have many options in the market according to your budget which, even if they are low-cost, provide a good image quality.

It should be noted the importance of the framing and the recording footage. The way you place the camera and the items you record will be decisive to transmit with effectivity the style of message/image you want to share. It will also be key the space or place of recording to convey a professional image. Many times, it is not a question of investing in excess, but of having a creative, accurate, and coherent vision with the content of the webinar and our corporate identity.

The video platform

All the elements mentioned earlier are fundamental, but the live video platform for the production and emission will be key to improving the appearance of your webinars.

You must choose a live video platform with the needed features to customize the content and offer a professional image or look. Currently, we can find options in the market that, for a more than reasonable price, allow you to include graphics, animations, customize the experience with your corporate colors, share additional content during the broadcast, activate a chat with the audience, launch surveys, Q&As, etc.

Pre-analyze the features that the platform you choose offers to decide if it will allow you to improve the aspect of your webinars. It will depend on whether the live broadcast is a success since the appearance or visual look will determine, in large part, the quality perceived by the audience.

As mentioned earlier in the case study, we must test the work and validate the result we obtain with all these elements. We must make sure that we count on the necessary Internet bandwidth, and confirm that the configuration of the recording equipment, the lighting, the audio, and the video platform is up to speed.

And so far, our recommendations on how to improve the appearance of your webinars. They can serve you for other types of events, so we hope to have helped you and that you put them into practice if you have not done it yet.

The Watchity platform is among the most recommended options to produce and broadcast live videos for webinars and virtual events. If you want to know more details or find out all its features, do not hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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