Live Shopping, The Most Powerful Trend in Online Commerce
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Live Shopping, the most powerful trend in eCommerce

Online sales were growing during the last years, but as a result of the pandemic the growth has been spectacular. It is the most logical thing that could happen if two of the measures imposed to stop the COVID-19 have been the confinement and the closing the physical stores. Virtual sales have soared and live shopping, the most powerful trend in eCommerce, has appeared in parallel.

But what is Live Shopping?

Live Shopping goes a step further than the traditional sale of eCommerce. Live Shopping gives life to the electronic commerce, it humanizes it thanks to live video. It allows you to interact with the customer and offer a more personalized and closer treat. Through this new format, the seller can show the customer how it works and how it looks, solve doubts and offer exclusive discounts, among others. Much of its success is due to this bidirectional communication.

We could say that the customers, with Live Shopping, can enjoy a traditional (or similar) shopping experience without leaving home. And they can do it through their favorite apps (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.) or the eCommerce itself integrated with certain platforms.

In addition, many of the brands and businesses that are implementing it, apart from being able to sell the product themselves, take advantage of the option of having influencers and prescribers to offer a plus to the customer.

Benefits of live shopping

1. Better reach and customer conversion

Live video, as we shared in other articles, has a far higher reach than other static formats. Through social media we can reach a large number of potential customers and the fact that you can communicate with them and show them the product/service greatly facilitates the conversion.

2. Successful tutorials and live demonstrations

The power of live video is undeniable. Products and services presented in live tutorials and demonstrations are much more likely to become an immediate need for the audience. The immediacy of the moment, the closeness of the interaction and the ease of purchase promote the buying action of the potential customer.

3. More brand confidence

Customers and potential customers feel more confidence with the brand by being able to interact. Influencers and advisors and sellers can show the product, solve doubts, give advice and offer a more customized attention.

4. Increased engagement on social media

In line with what we’re talking about, this interaction that’s generated with customers and audience enriches communication, thus improving engagement in social channels.

5. Better brand image

The benefits mentioned above translate into a better brand image. If good bidirectional communication is established, trust is conveyed and the attention the customer wants to receive is offered, it is clear that branding will be strengthened.

6. Notoriety in the launch of new products

The benefits mentioned above translate into a better brand image. If good bidirectional communication is established, trust is conveyed and the attention the customer wants to receive is offered, it is clear that branding will be strengthened.

What should I consider to get started?

Choose the right platform

Depending on the product/service you sell and the target, you should choose the most convenient platform. If you’re targeting a younger audience, Tik Tok Live may be the right platform. Instagram Live Shopping covers a wide range of audiences and could be a very effective platform. You can also do it on Facebook, YouTube or in the online shop.

If you do it in your own online shop, it’s essential to choose well the integrated platform to manage the streaming.

Watchityis a good choice for both cases because it allows you to create various formats of live content with a professional look in a simple way, streaming through a player with your own brand to thousands of viewers at the same time, add promotions, launch call to actions, enable an interactive chat for questions, and reach audiences across different platforms simultaneously, among other features.

Choose good influencers and prescribers

It’s essential that the influencer/prescriber you choose is related to the sector and style of the product you want to promote. Because if it’s not credible and doesn’t fit with what we want to sell, the result of the strategy will be negative.

There are cases where the person promoting the product/service is the seller itself and the result is excellent.

Plan the live shopping

This point is essential for us to get the most out of live shopping. Therefore, it will be necessary to think how it will go and what we will do to interact with the audience. Generally, a live shopping should encompass a first part of product demonstration, followed by interaction with the audience. And finally, the part of redirecting the potential customer to the purchase (we can offer promotional codes to improve conversion).

It will also be vital to publish the live shopping promotion in advance. This way, your followers know in advance. In addition to generating expectations around the event, you can reach more audiences if your followers share it.

Are you doubting that live shopping is the most powerful trend in eCommerce?

Don’t be in any doubt about it. Although we’re beginning to see the end of the pandemic, this new concept of online shopping has come to stay. This has only just begun! So, if you want to be successful selling online, trust the potential of live shopping and don’t fall behind.

Do you want to know in detail how to get the most out of live shopping or the different virtual events? Send us a message o request a demo.

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