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The Advantages of Doing Webinars with Watchity

The world is increasingly digitized and now more than ever. Every day more seminars and events like product launches & demos, brand events, training (employee, sales & partner, customer, etc.), conferences, festivals and even performing arts among others are being done online. This is not something temporary, so when doing webinars or any other online activities it’s important to choose a good platform that meets all your expectations and makes you stand out. These are the advantages of doing webinars or other virtual events with Watchity.

Advantages of doing webinars with Watchity

1. Customization

Watchity allows you to customize your live video connecting cameras and smartphones, sharing your screen or webcam, adding lower-thirds, overlays, brand logos and pre-recorded videos. This way, you can create great-looking webinars and other virtual activities with an amazing brand image that makes you have a more professional look and stand out from the rest.

2. Integrated event planning & registration

Watchity not only allows you to create a webinar or another live event, but also set it up and promote it. Our platform allows you to control the event lifecycle by letting you create registration forms, define protected access, manage attendees lists, add calendar alerts and send email reminders.

3. Capture of leads and maximization of profit

With the registration forms previously mentioned, you can capture leads, expanding your potential clients, and consequently boost sales. Besides, you can maximize profit by having sponsors on your live videos, selling tickets, etc.

4. Great viewing and interaction experience

The Watchity video player lets you personalize the viewing experience offering play/pause controls, chatting options, language and subtitles selections, streaming quality choice and many more.

Moreover, you can stream and interact on the customizable video player, corporate website and social media.

5. Advanced video analytics

Our platform offers you a post-event analysis where you can find out how many people have viewed your content and, if it was broadcasted in multiple destinations, know where it performed better. Watchity allows you to understand your audience and get insights about their actions and reactions.

6. Easy video clipping & editing

If you want to, you can create clips from your live webinar or other virtual activities and share them simultaneously on social media. This is a great advantage if you want to generate awareness, views and interactions to drive traffic through your event.

7. Content reuse

Furthermore, you can automatically obtain the recording of your live event and create highlights. Reuse your content and share it at any time to increase engagement and monetization.

8. Collaborative workspaces

You can create exclusive access for external partners (third-party access) with custom roles and permissions. Share content and grant access to Watchity’s tools to create a fully personalized user experience.

9. Security

Unlike classic webinar or video conferencing platforms, Watchity has a great security system that guarantees that your live events will go well and nobody will interfere. So you no longer have to worry about someone entering by mistake or sneaking into the conference.

If you want to know more about creating webinars with Watchity, send us a message or request a demo.

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