Tips to Make a Spectacular Streaming Product Launch
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Tips to Make a Spectacular Streaming Product Launch

Live video is a powerful tool that allows you to multiply the impact and reach of the message. That is, we can reach more audience and the content through this format penetrates deeper into the viewer. In this article, we’re going to give you some tips to make a spectacular product launch in streaming.

No matter the size of your company, if you want to launch a successful product, don’t waste the opportunity. No one says it’s easy, but if you follow our advice, you can get it by adding your effort and dedication. A product or service launch is decisive for your lifecycle, so it is an essential action.

More and more companies, from different sectors, include the streaming product launch in their marketing strategy. And they also use live video for product updates, promotions, etc., because it clearly works. Are you going to be left behind? Don’t even think about it!

Tips for a streaming product launch

For a product/service launch to succeed, it doesn’t only depend on its quality. Below, we share some essential tips so you can get the most out of it.

1. Find out where your audience is

It seems obvious, but for this reason, sometimes we don’t devote enough time or attention to it. We need to be clear about where our target is to decide which platforms or social networks we’ll release our content on.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. All have added the “Live” feature to offer the user streaming. It’s a matter of analyzing where your target is. For instance, if they’re interested in B2B marketing and business and professional events, LinkedIn Live may be the most appropriate channel. If they’re interested in games, Twitch and Facebook Gaming will be the two most recommended options. We will also have to adapt to the different countries we want to reach, as each has more popular platforms.

An excellent solution for streaming across multiple channels and social networks is the Watchity platform. You can stream on your own website and on several social networks simultaneously.

2. Plan actions for the launch

An effective product/service launch requires the implementation of several actions in different stages. Planning it properly will ensure much of the success.

Before the launch

  • Create a pre-launch campaign on your digital channels and social networks. You’ll generate expectation and interest around the launch.
  • Send pre-launch content to media and influencers. It will help reinforce the impact of the previous campaign.
  • Choose influencers and prescribers to be part of the launch and prepare them to convey the message you want. If you organize it with time and manage it well is one of the key actions to make the launch a success.

During the launch

  • Choose the most appropriate platform to offer the audience quality content. If in addition to streaming the release you can give it a more professional look you will maximize the impact of the event.
  • Make your audience feel privileged. Offer them a discount, an exclusive promotion or surprise them with a gift to thank them for their assistance. You can also organize a raffle among the attendees who participate, in this way you’ll generate interest and interaction and promote the engagement.
  • Take advantage of chats, surveys, etc. that offer some streaming platforms to get valuable information from your audience.
  • Make product demonstrations live. If the audience can see how the product or service works, it will generate more confidence and promote the sale.
  • Allow your audience to buy the product or service in real time. If they’re in the virtual launch event and are interested in buying it, why waste the opportunity? In such an event interest is generated and impulse buying is encouraged, seize the moment! You can provide a landing page with a call to action to make the order simple.

After the launch

  • Don’t let potential customers go. If they attended the event, it is because they’re interested, so you should take advantage of the registration data to track them. Launch a remarketing campaign.
  • The ratings and comments of the audience obtained during the launch will serve to improve future releases and promotional actions.
  • Take advantage of the live video once the event has finished. Many platforms allow saving and editing, so you can share what you’re interested in in later broadcasts or ads.

3. Create a great marketing strategy

All the actions you decide to implement around the product launch should be consistent with each other. The audience shouldn’t perceive them as isolated action, but as interrelated actions that follow the same marketing strategy.

Graphic design plays a very important role at this point. All communications and graphic elements that are part of the launch must be aligned with each other.

It is vital to decide with which platform or software you will manage it and what other technical requirements you should take into account.

For instance, make sure you have the necessary connectivity, and that you have a quality camera and audio equipment. If any of these elements fails, you will transmit a bad image and it can greatly ruin the release.

We have previously advised the Watchity platform because it allows simultaneous streaming on different channels. At this point, we also recommend it because allows you to make very professional live transmissions in a simple way, without the need for technical requirements. With Watchity, you can customize content, manage user logs, active a chat to interact with the audience, and get reports or event statistics, among other features.

So much for our tips so you can do it successfully. Have you ever done a release of these features, or have you considered it? Want to know more details to do it? Send us a message or request a demo.

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