Benefits of webinars in internal communication

Benefits of Webinars in Internal Communication

Internal communication, in an organization or company, allows maintaining a continuous flow of information. This facilitates communication among all people that are part of it. If it’s done in the right way, it contributes considerably to improve the work and increment the company’s performance. Webinars are a very useful and resolutive tool for this type of communication. So, in this article we’re going to share the main benefits of webinars in the internal communication of organizations.

Regardless of the size and sector of the company, internal communication is decisive for the grow-up of an organization. It allows to maintain its values aligned through all departments and increment the performance of the employees, among others.

When the employees find themselves in different geographical points, communication can be affected. This fact was accentuated because of the pandemic and the digital tools allowed to face the situation.

Webinars have been one of the key solutions to improve this type of communication. Through them, organizations can establish personal and professional communication with their employees and combine video and interaction. The benefits of webinars in organizations’ internal communication are various. However, we are going to share the most relevant ones:

Webinars in internal communication

Enriched online content

One of the main benefits is that the organization’s online content is enriched. Basically, a base of content is created, and it becomes a powerful source for all the people that are part (or will be part) of the company: partners, employees, future generations, etc.

Also, webinar platforms like Watchity include a recording feature that allows you to record all your webinars. For instance, Q&A (questions and answers), presentations, and other types of webinars you consider are important to save. These recorded webinars can be converted into posts of the blog or social media, articles, or any other extra content type for your organization.

Higher reach

It’s not a secret that webinars have much more reach than, for example, presential meetings. If you make use of webinars, you can have a wider impact among your stakeholders in an easy and simple way. The attendees only must have an internet connection and a device to watch the webinar.

Through this method, the company will be able to reach other audiences than in a different situation would not reach, such as potential customers out of its geographical area.

It should be noted that travel costs are considerably reduced (almost at 100%) since viewers don’t need to move from their usual location to attend the webinar. This also happens with the time spent.

Improved brand value

Webinars with your brand colors, logo and labels make attendees constantly exposed to your brand. Platforms like Watchity allow you to customize your webinar and add the elements you prefer. This way, your brand becomes more memorable to your target that, in this case, are your employees and the people that are part of your company. This is even more important when it comes to external audiences. This is because you have to create a belonging sense and convey the company values for your viewers to feel identified.

In this case, it’s also very different from the meetings or presential events. In a webinar, the audience is exposed permanently to your brand as a whole. However, when it comes to an event or presential meeting, the audience is only exposed to your brand in certain moments, such as networking. It’s here when the importance of webinars for the corporate image begins to be noticed.

More engagement

One of the reasons for which webinars are so important nowadays is that they achieve much more audience than other channels, such as traditional videos. It’s clear, an online event is much more eye-catching than a traditional video that you can watch in whatever situation. Webinars are more customized and have a higher engagement level.

Likewise, if someone is really interested in attending a webinar, they will do anything possible to be there, and from the start to the end. Since the webinar cannot be stopped or rewind, the viewer must be attentive if they really wants to follow it. Making questions, doing a Q&A, and interact with the public are good ways to ensure they haven’t missed anything and have understood everything.

Greater confidence

Webinars are also a good way to generate confidence inside (and outside) the organization. First, webinars help brands to show a more human face to their employees, especially if they are big organizations since workers sometimes don’t know most of their superiors.

Also, if you talk in the webinars about the knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses of the company, and in different situations, you will make your employees feel part of the company and foment the sense of brand and belonging.

For this reason, workers will increment their trust in the company and the expected climate of transparency will be created.

Shared information

This benefit is so related to the training webinar. As we all know, a function of webinars is to train the employees. This training can range from individualized mentoring sessions to large-scale training sessions.

This means webinars are used to share information with your target. Consequently, each attendee has an interest at a personal level, since the company puts at their disposal the chat to make questions and to give their opinion, among other things. They will feel more committed to the company and will be more interested in the topic being addressed.

Lower cost

Webinars count with a clear feature: they’re cheap. Create a webinar or an online event is not expensive. It only requires a camera, a device to broadcast the content, a microphone, an internet connection, and a streaming platform.

Thus, this plays an important role in most of the companies since, as we’ve said before, it can highly reduce the travel, production, and material costs when it comes to organizing an event. Also, if you have a higher geographical facility, you can organize webinars more often. Also, you can maintain a closer treat with the members of the company.

And so far the main benefits of webinars in internal communication. If you want to expand the information about what internal communication webinars are, how to improve internal communication, etc. you can download our eBook “Internal Communication Webinars: The Complete eBook”.

To easily achieve the benefits mentioned earlier it’s very important for you to choose a platform that fits your needs. Being able to customize webinars as you want and to have functionalities that facilitate and improve communication is key to achieve your goal.

The Watchity platform offers functionalities that facilitate the work of creating, broadcasting and recording the corporative webinars obtaining a professional result. If you want more information don’t hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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