Enterprise Video Training: What You Need to Get Started

Enterprise Video Training: What You Need to Get Started

¿Are you thinking about implementing video enterprise training and do you want to know what you need to get started? Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll give you the key information so you can start as soon as possible.

Through live video, training teams can considerably improve enterprise training programs. Choosing the right tool will be crucial to saving costs, increasing the frequency of sessions, offering quality audiovisual content, and, ultimately, achieving better results in training programs.

Enterprise video training enables employees, customers, and partners to benefit from an efficient way of learning. Some organizations with a more traditional view are reluctant to this format, but when they take the step they regret not having started earlier.

It’s clear that video is the best way to convey a message, as the brain more easily retains visual content. According to the results of various studies, viewers remember 95% of a visual message and only 10% of a written message.

What do you need to start your enterprise video training?

1. Analyze live video opportunities

The first step to start is considering the live video opportunities for your organization. For instance:

  • Think if you have different locations and can group teams to reduce the number of repetitions of the same session.
  • Decide how many courses you have to create, and which ones could be turned into live video.
  • Think if you use a masterclass style with formal trainers or want to value your employees sharing their knowledge with peers, etc.

2. Create your enterprise training program

Once you’ve valued video opportunities, it’s time to create your enterprise training program, deciding how and when to use live video. To do this, we recommend following these steps: assess the training needs of your staff, set institutional training goals, create the digital training action plan, implement training initiatives, and evaluate and revise training.

To know in detail what englobes each one of these steps you can download our eBook “Transforming Enterprise Training with Live Video in High-Performing Organizations“.

3. Decide the live video platform

Once you’ve created your training program, it’s time to decide which video platform you’re going to use. This choice will be decisive in the quality of the final product. The three main elements of any new online training initiative you should consider are:

Content creating tool

It’s the piece of software that will allow you to create live video courses. You should analyze and value the ease of use and its versatility taking into account the cameras you can use. Also, if you can add content (videos, documents, screenshots, etc.) and what video compositions you can create.

Deployment method

At this point, you should think about where you are going to publish your live video sessions. For example, if you want to post it directly, with its own URL, or prefer to host it elsewhere. If you have a company intranet, you can create a learning portal and let staff access from there. Alternatively, you can search for a Learning Management System (LMS). However, you’ll need an environment that allows students to ask the instructor questions.

Evaluation system

Finally, sure you’re going to want to evaluate the results of the live training sessions. For this reason, you’ll ask yourself questions such as: Have they correctly understood the key concepts? Does quality content satisfy the users? How many users have attended? For how long? With which devices and from where? Has there been any technical failure during the session? Which questions have they asked during the session? How can we improve the next sessions?

Answering these questions will allow you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen tool and the training sessions.

Among the currently recommended options for conducting enterprise video training is Watchity. This platform allows you to create professional live video in a simple way, as well as manage and distribute content. It includes a user-friendly live content creation tool, a versatile deployment system, and specific features to evaluate the results of live training sessions, all accessible with only a web browser.

Do you want to discover the benefits of transforming enterprise training with live video or more information about its implementation? Download here the eBook that explains everything.

And if you’re interested in how Watchity works or more details about the platform, send us a message or request a free demo.

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