How to Capture Leads with Webinars

How to capture leads with webinars

For many companies, webinars are the best way to generate leads and transform potential customers into real ones. This makes sense, as webinars have the power to share a brand’s personality. This increases the customer’s trust and identification with the brand. Participants can also ask questions directly, thus dispelling possible concerns or doubts. But above all, webinars provide you valuable data. Here’s how to capture leads with webinars and ensure you maximize the lead generation opportunities.

How to capture leads with webinars

Have a good topic and a well-planned marketing plan

A webinar is nothing without an audience. This is why it’s important to first develop a topic that fits your target group and a marketing plan to reach it. You can use the following general rule to estimate how much attendance you will get: 35 to 45% of viewers who sign up for a webinar watch it live. The more viewers you attract, the greater the number of leads that you ultimately convert into customers.

Promote your webinar

Watchity not only allows you to create a webinar but also set it up and promote it. Our platform allows you to control the event lifecycle by letting you create registration forms, define protected access, manage attendees lists, add calendar alerts and send email reminders.

With the registration forms previously mentioned, you can capture leads, expanding your potential clients, and consequently boost sales.

When you have an incoming webinar, announce it on all your own social media networks as well as on your corporate website. In addition, you can write an article on your company’s blog that talks about the topic your webinar will cover. Write about the subject in broad strokes and promote the webinar as the place where they can learn more.

Keep your audience engaged

Obtaining registrations to attend a webinar and getting your audience to stay until the end is a challenge. Obviously not all the assistants will become a client. But still, you can always offer enough value to be remembered and capture all the leads you can. To accomplish this you must:

  • Make it visual: If your webinar consists of a person speaking to a camera and nothing else, you will probably lose your audience’s interest.

Watchity allows you to customize your live video connecting cameras and smartphones, sharing your screen or webcam, adding lower-thirds, overlays, brand logos and pre-recorded videos. This way, you can create great-looking webinars and other virtual activities with an amazing brand image that makes you have a more professional look and stand out from the rest.

  • Get your audience involved: To engage your audience, give them a great viewing and interaction experience, and encourage them to ask questions. For instance, the Watchity video player offers the audience play/pause controls, chatting options, language and subtitles selections, streaming quality choice and many more features.
  • Use third-party data: With the right Google search, you can find statistics on any topic. Using data from recognized third-party sources gives your content credibility and authority.

Analyze the data

Our platform offers you a post-event analysis where you can find out how many people have viewed your content and, if it was broadcasted in multiple destinations, know where it performed better. Watchity allows you to understand your audience and get insights about their actions and reactions.

Follow-up monitoring

Many people don’t make an immediate purchase decision after watching a webinar. They think about it first, or they want to discuss it or negotiate it. That’s why good follow-up monitoring is essential. For example, you can upsell your next webinar at the end and let them know where to sign up. Another example, during the webinar you can take note of those who asked questions and follow up with a direct email offering further context to their query

Moreover, thanks to the contact details, you can also create different target audiences within the target group and make them an offer that suits them at that particular time.

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