How to get a professional result in your webinars

How to Achieve a Professional Result in Your Webinars

Every time more brands and companies include webinars in their content strategy. The restrictions caused by the pandemic have encouraged this decision and once taken, seems to be no way back. If you are questioning why, the reason is simple: this format allows you to easily share content, reach a wide virtual audience and generate engagement. So, although the situation improves, they will continue to boom and, at this point, it is time to go a step further and make the most of this format. Because of this, in this article, we will explain how to achieve a professional result in your webinars taking advantage of their potential, from the point of view of the platform you use to manage them.

The level of quality of the webinars will be an indicator so that the brand or company that offers them can stand out to a greater/lesser extent. If the platform we use does not offer features to promote the interaction and allows us to add CTAs, we will be able to enhance conversions. And if also it allows us to manage all the lifecycle of the event (actions before, during, and after the event), including marketing and the analytic part, the margin of error will be almost zero. This means that we will have nailed it when choosing the platform.

In this search for excellence to offer quality content, we must ensure that our webinar is not perceived as any other meeting, that many management tools are not necessary (the more unified the better), and that audiovisual production does not involve an excessive expense.

So, how can I achieve a professional result in my webinars to make my brand stand out?

To achieve a professional result in your webinars, you can apply the following tips:

Give them a professional look

One of the key points is that the audiovisual content you emit has a professional look. That you can manage it in a simple way but that the result is professional as if it were television content.

You can achieve it with a solution or platform that allows you to customize the content, and that has an automated production that dynamically composes the scene design that best fits. Although this automated production can do so by offering an optimal option, you must be able to edit the content at any time. For instance, you should be able to turn the cameras on and off according to who has to appear at every moment, broadcast video in different quality according to the need, and add graphics (logo, subtitles, and customized banners with corporate colors, etc.) to promote your brand identity.

Disposing of a feature that allows you to invite guests to a session, to treat issues, or make comments, in a video conferencing room “behind the scenes” before starting the live, is a plus to be able to better prepare the talks or interventions. Some platforms also offer the possibility to share the screen, use a private chat and previsualize the event to analyze how viewers will see it.

In this section, it is important to say that we must count with team or devices of quality: the microphone, a camera or external webcam, and lighting. As well as spare batteries and a good Internet connection.

Attract the audience

The platform you use to manage the webinars must integrate marketing tools or features that allow you to promote them and enhance registers through attractive landing pages, simple registration forms, and automated emails.

Creating an attractive and customized landing page to show the information of the webinar will positively contribute to generating interest around the event. And you can encourage this effect if you also activate a countdown.

Related to the registration form, you must ensure that is simple, that users can register through their name and email. You can customize the form by adding other fields (optional or mandatory) if you want to collect more data, but the less the better. And, compulsory, you must include the box to mark the consent to compliance with the Data Protection Act.

And with respect to automated emails, once users have registered, we must have an activated system that sends: a registration confirmation email, another event attendance confirmation email, a calendar invitation email with a link, several “reminder” emails before the event, and a thank-you email with a valuation survey once completed.

And we must carry out these three mentioned resources without forgetting the image we want to convey. Our corporate identity must be reflected in all actions, we will customize our communications using our logo and corporate colors, the style of the messages that identify us, and a general image that conveys our essence.

Boost engagement

Engagement is one of the benefits of this type of live event since you are able to interact with the audience in real-time. You must take advantage of the possibilities and generate spaces or moments in which you launch questions to the audience, rapid surveys, questions and answers, conversations among the attendees through the chat, live demonstrations of the product, etc. Adding call-to-actions will make your viewers active and not lose attention.

That the audience has a customized and quality viewing experience will also promote that they feel comfortable and maintain the interest. If the platform we use allows viewers to play and pause the transmission when they want (in a videoconferencing system it is impossible), they can see it from the beginning even if they join later and back to see it again, we will contribute greatly to achieving this.

Optimize the strategy

If we count on a platform or solution that allows us, apart from the mentioned, to work the marketing and analyze the data of the event, we will optimize the strategy. It will allow us to improve in future events and focus more on the needs of the audience.

Some of the data that the own tool must provide us are: registered users (before the event), real attendees (during the event), most active users, interactions that have been produced, audience spikes, precedence country of the attendees, devices used to connect to the session, etc. Thanks to this actionable information and to the feedback received from the attendees, we will considerably improve the way of promoting, producing and managing events of this type.

The Watchity platform allows you to implement all the mentioned actions, among others. If you want to know more details about it or about how to achieve a professional result in your webinars, do not hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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