Live Shopping, among the retail trends
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Live Shopping, Among the Retail Trends

In another recent article, we explain to you what live shopping is, what are its benefits and what we should take into account to implement it (you can read it here). On this occasion, we’re going to talk about live shopping among the retail trends.

It’s undeniable the change that took place in the retail industry during 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. Online sales have increased drastically. Businesses have had to reinvent themselves to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to this channel.

Because of this reason, the big brands started offering live shopping as the new way to get to the customers that were at home. Furthermore, in a never seen before time, most of them added to this initiative. It was the moment to think, renovate or die? And renovation is always the best option. Adapting to the current needs guaranteed to maintain the activity and, for most, it has meant an improvement for the business.

And, apart from live shopping among retail trends, are there more changes or trends?

Of course, yes. Below, we share some of them:

Live streaming

Live shopping and live streaming have been the perfect binomial to facilitate the buying experience of the customer. The e-commerce stopped being static and started having a strong dynamic component thanks to the live. This way, the seller and the customer can interact, and the experience is more likely to the traditional selling; the treat is closer and more personalized.

But to be able to offer a positive live shopping experience, it’s necessary to choose a good live streaming platform. If not, the customer could have a bad experience that may affect in a negative way the brand image. And be careful because the brand image is associated with sales. So, be sure on the platform that offers quality service, is easy to manage, and conveys professionality.

The Watchity platform is a good example of that since it offers a service with these features and counts with a lot of functionalities. Among them, it allows creating different live content formats with a professional aspect in an easy way. You can also broadcast through a player with your own brand for thousands of viewers, add graphics and promotions, launch call to actions, habilitate a chat to interact and reach the audience through various platforms simultaneously.

Buy on social networks

Between the changes that took place in the way of buying online since the pandemic, there’s the fact of being able to buy through the various social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. have become, now strongly, showcases and selling channels. The immediacy and the facility of purchase that offer those apps promote the sales exponentially.

Quick delivery

In a stage where the purchases have become “a click of mouse” the delivery term of the orders has had to adapt to the situation. This means, if the seller offers all types of facilities to buy quickly and achieve a good online experience, it’s not logical that the client must wait for many days to receive their order. Most of them expect to receive it in a maximum of 2-3 days and, every time more are the companies that try to deliver it in 1 day. Therefore, it’s essential to optimize the delivery and satisfy the customer in the minimum possible time.

Facility of payment

Another of the retail trends that have been enhanced more since the new normality is the facility of payment. It’s prioritized the fact that the customer is able to satisfy its buying need, whenever they want, without having to worry about the immediate payment. For this reason, the payment is flexible offering the customer the option of paying it on comfortable terms (and without interest).

Social awareness

Showing the customers the values of the brand and the implication in social and Ambiental themes is every time more valued. It’s not a recent trend, since it has accompanied us for some years and, luckily, it has every time a higher impact. According to recent studies, approximately 35% stopped buying in companies/brands according to their actions and social declarations. Being sustainable and showing actions that contribute to social and Ambiental wellness satisfies the customer and foments their loyalty.

And so much for our article on live shopping and retail trends. More changes have been made, but we consider these are the most outstanding ones related to live shopping.

Do you want to know in detail how to get the most of live shopping or live streaming for different virtual events? send us a message or request a demo.

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